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Event: Martial Aid 2011 – Unite For Japan UK Martial Arts Demonstration

Leading martial artists gathered together to give a demonstration of their self defense  and weaponary prowess in aid of Unite For Japan, a charity organisation set up to raise money for victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster which devistated parts of the country in March.

Martial Aid 2011 was held on 22 May at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre in front of excited spectators of all ages.

The event included seven different schools of martial arts performed by some of the best instructors in the UK – see program sheet at bottom of post for full list.

Martial arts demonstrations were:

Senior Instructor Liam O’Brian demonstrates the benefits of empty mind through the Way of the Bow.

An intense two-man self defense demonstration of a knife attack.

Beginners to advance.  Basic points of attack and overview of protective clothing and equipment.

A concentrated five-man display of drawing, cutting and replacing sword.

An exhilarating six-man presentation of the Way of the Empty Hand..

An intense full contact demonstration led by Chief Instructor Tameo Mizuno.

Members including Director of British Akikai Federation Minoru Kanetsuka and his wife Mami Mizuta, demonstrate the effortless power of this facinating style of martial arts.

  • Self Defence Workshop for Women

A chance for members of the audience to particpate in brief lessons from various instructors.

  • Sponsored Kicks

Various martial artists from different schools who took part in the event join together to do 300 kicks – 3 sets of 100.

  • Special Guest

Calligrapher Yukiko Ayres

Unite For Japan has been jointly organised by BSKF, Wado International Karate-Do Federation, UK Kyudo Association, Mumeishi Kendo Club, Eishinkan Iaido and Jodo, British Aikido Federation and Shikukai Karate-Do.

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you for a great and worthwhile show!

Money raised:  £1900

You can make a donation through The Red Cross or Just Giving (UK free text donation service).

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