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Join The J-MELO Manga Band – New Band Project With “LUNA” (Ai Takekawa)

J-MELO New Band Project “LUNA” (Ai Takekawa)

If you like music and manga, you’ll love the latest new project from J-MELO. They’re going to form a band, help it make its recording debut, and show the whole story in an online manga strip. And they’re inviting you to join the band!

J-MELO music discoverer Ai Takekawa will be fronting the band in her new guise as the manga character LUNA. But they can’t decide anything else about the band without more members, so they need you to audition.

Ai Takekawa

Whether you’re an aspiring singer, instrumentalist, or DJ, J-MELO want to hear from you. And whatever kind of music you like to perform, it’s fine with them. All you need to do is send a video or audio recording.

You have until 11 July 2011.

Check out the J-MELO website for more

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