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The Okinawa Sword Show Vol. II – A Collection Of Authentic Samurai Swords And Knives

A Unique Japan Production – A licensed dealer of antique Samurai swords.

Between Friday 3 and Tuesday 7 of June, Unique Japan held its second Okinawa Sword Show at the Plaza House Shopping Centre in the Global Gallery – undoubtedly the largest show of it’s kind on the island.  The venue was opened from 9am until 8pm (except Friday, 5pm – 9pm) and admittance was FREE!

Customers were able to purchase authentic Japanese Samurai swords and knives dating back as far as the Nambokucho period (1336 -1392), as well as rare Japanese gunto swords from World War II.  The collection consisted of around 50 swords produced throughout different times in Japan’s history covering some 600 years.  Furthermore, visitors were given the perfect oppotunatey to feel and hold a genuine piece Samurai weaponry.  New swords, made by modern swordsmiths who continue to carry on the tradition,were also for sale.

The show included a Live presentation of various sword techniques such as the drawing of a sword and short cutting demonstration performed by members of the Nippon Iaido Renmei, Mugai Kai and retired Marine Robert (Bob) Smith, a Renshi Roku-dan Iaido instructor.


  • Kihon no Dosa (5 basic Kata that every student must learn prior to advancing to higher Kata)
  • Goyo (Suwari waza or sitting technique) Set (Honryu kata)
  • Go O (Tachi waza or standing technique) Set (Honryu kata)
  • Iai no Kata (Kumatachi or paired Kata)
  • Short cutting demonstration
  • Goka (Suwari Waza or sitting technique) Set
  • Hashiri Gakari (Tachi Waza or stand ing technique)
  • Short cutting demonstration

About Unique Japan

Unique Japan is a licensed dealer of Antique Japanese Swords and related period artifacts and modern-day crafts. They are a proud member of the NBTHK in Japan (Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai) also known as The Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords.

They have a business presence in both Tokyo and near London, England.

For further information visit Unique Japan

Below is a selection of photographs from the event showing some of the collection that were on display.

Special thanks to Juli Widjajanti Gusler.

A Tombo (Dragonfly) Katana

A Tombo (Dragonfly) Katana

WWII Naval officer personal Dirk

A Chikuzen No Kuni (Shimotatasu) Wakizashi

Kuromori 3-piece Kitchen Knife set

Damascus 3-piece chef's Knife set

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