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Japanese Maids From Maid Planet At Your Service Brighton Japan Festival & Hyper Japan 2011

From the Virgo clustor to Planet Earth.

The adorable intergalactic maids from Maid Planet continue providing first-class service to all mankind as they partake this weekend in entertaining  visitors of the Japan Festival in Brighton.

They also promise to maintain customer satisfaction by welcoming their Lords and Ladies to their café area at Hyper Japan and guarantee to provide an abundance of playfulness as well as a constellation of lovability served up with a selection of oishii (delicious) food and confectionary that are out of this world.

The newly graduated cosmic maids have travelled 60 million light years in the MARDIS (Maid And Relative Dimension In Space) to be at your service and to sprinkle a little Kawaii Dust over planet Earth.  So, go ahead, indulge yourself in some maid fun – you’ve earned it!

Maid Planet coming attractions!

Brighton Japan Festival 2011

Saturday 25th June

Doors open 19:30

Performance time: 20:00 – 20:15 and 21:10 – 21:25. (OTA-GEI)



Friday 22nd-Sunday 24th July

Maid Planet programme:

Friday – Schoolgirl day (LDN48 & Maid Planet)

Saturday – Maid day

Sunday – Butler and Maid day


About Maid Planet 

Maid Planet’s first performance was part of the Oh My Lord! Maid Café event in London, December 2010. Since then they have been taking part in various events across the UK as a freelance maids/cosplay group.

Maid Planet is devoted on recreating a typical Maids Cafe in Japan. The team has a variety of girls in different characters such as Lolita, Gothic, Younger Sister and so on. Whilst acting in character, they serve food and drink, perform the OTA-GEI dance and play games with the lords and ladies. A total entertainment package.

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