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Event: Okinawa Day 2011 London – Music, Dance, Karate, Food & Drinks, Arts & Crafts, Fashion

Okinawa Day 2011 – A day celebrating Okinawan culture

A day to celebrate Okinawan culture took place on Saturday 25 June in Spitalfields, where Londoners were treated to an array of demonstrations and music as well as a variety of stalls selling authentic Okinawan food and handicrafts. The annual event, which started in 2009, is organised by Okinawa Association UK and London Okinawa Sanshinkai to demonstrate the spirit of Uta-no-hi (A day of song) and to celebrate and share the colourful rich culture of Okinawa.

The day started with a performance of Ryukyuan Classical Court Music & Dance and was followed by the Opening Ceremony and then an array of demonstrations and performances.  For a full list, please click on the Okinawa Day 2011 program images at the bottom of this post.  One of the highlights of the day was a demonstration of Ryukkyu Buku Buku the unique Okinawan tea ceremony performed by tea master Yukiko-san who learnt her craft from top tea masters in  Okinawa – this ritual is much different to the tea ceremony of mainland Japan.

Although Okinawa Day is a much smaller event in comparison with the yearly Japan matsuri (Festival), which is also held in Spitalfields, it nevertheless, had the same professionalism and magic.  Okinawa Day 2011 was a great success and was enjoyed by all those that attended.

Please enjoy these photos of the day’s event.


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Okinawa Day 2011 Program

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