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The Japan Matsuri 2011 Is Coming To London!

Sunday 18th September at London’s County Hall SE1 7PB   Time 10:00 to 20:00

The much loved Japan Matsuri returns on Sunday 18th September and this year it’s at County Hall in the heart of the capital next to the London Eye.
This dynamic annual event brings the Japanese community and Londoners together to enjoy Japanese food, lively music, exotic dance and much more.

The new Matsuri venue of County Hall will have more space, offering a fantastic chance to experience the vibrance of Japan in the heart of London. We will also reflect on the devastating Tsunami which struck Japan on 11 March 2011.

There will be fund-raising, photographic exhibitions and many other events and activities to support survivors and focus our thoughts on the affected area.

Japanese Ambassador Keiichi Hayashi will formally open the day at 11am.

(Image ©Matsuri All rights reserved)

Japan Matsuri 2011 – Three Performance Stages

This year there will be live performances on the three stages, family activities, a much expanded food market and stall area, as well as an exhibition area, providing day long entertainment and interest for all the family.

There will be a wide range of performers appearing on the two Festival Stages (the Family Stage in Belvedere Road & the Ceremony Stage on Queen’s Walk next to the Thames).

On the Martial Arts Stage, in Belvedere Road, demonstrations will continue all day encompassing a broad spectrum of martial arts, including, aikido, iaido, shorinji kempo and Moto-Ha Yoshin Ryu jujitsu to name but a few.

We are delighted to welcome you to Japan Matsuri 2011. We will ensure that all accredited members of the press are given the access they require to cover the event. Press releases will be available from 09:00 onwards on Sunday 18th September.

(Image ©Matsuri All rights reserved)

Fact File

▪ 70,000 visitors
▪ 72 stalls
▪ 28 performers and groups
▪ Over 10 participatory activities for all the family
▪ Nodojiman contest (Japanese Karaoke Competition)
▪ Marshal Arts Demonstration
▪ Drum Troops
▪ Japanese pop culture including Cosplay, Parapara

Find out more about the Japan Matsuri via the festival’s Facebook page or website, japanmatsuri.com.

Below: 2010 Matsuri Japan footage.

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