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Samurai Warriors At Buckinghamshire County Museum

6th August 2011 – January 2012 Church Street, Aylesbury HP20 2QP

A thrilling display of traditional Japanese martial arts will be taking place at Buckinghamshire County Museum on Saturday (6 August), to celebrate the launch of the museum’s latest exhibition Samurai: Warriors of Ancient Japan.

The exhibition features an unique collection of privately owned Japanese arms and armour, displayed together for the first time. The collection includes full suits of the historic Gusoku armour, beautifully decorated military equipment, and examples of the katana (the iconic samurai curved sword) made by some of the finest modern swordsmiths, showing just how deadly art can be.

The displays of Samurai combat and weapons, by Shugyo Muso Ryu martial arts school will take place in the museum garden from 11am.  Throughout the day, there will be combat demonstrations, talks about the life of a Samurai, and an opportunity to see the arms and armour up close.

The County Museum has lots of different Japanese themed activities taking place for families this summer and throughout the year. They include how to create your own Japanese crafts (9 August), making Samurai Helmets and Kokeshi Dolls (10 August) and make your own block print paintings (11 August).

In addition, a Twilight Talk on the Art of the Samurai by Derek Fairhurst, expert on the fighting techniques, arms and armour of the Samurai will take place on Thursday 8 September (5.30pm to 7.30pm). The talk includes a private view of the exhibition and free glass of wine. Talk begins at 6.30pm. Cost £10. Booking is required.

The exhibition continues until January 2012. For further information visit our County Museum pages.

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