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“Time for Tea” Workshop At ICN Gallery London

Date: 9 September 2011
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Price: FREE
Booking is required. Please e-mail info@icn-global.com

“Time for Tea” will be taking place at ICN cafe right next to the gallery space. A lecture to introduce the proper way of drinking sen-cha tea (comes with Japanese sweets) and we will be introducing the “Aoi” tea brand by Yoshio Moriuchi, whose family for generations has cultivated tea since Kamakura period (1185–1333) for imperial families. Come learn how to brew a better cup and enjoy some time for Japanese tea!

About sen-cha tea:

There are two main types of Japanese teas, sencha and matcha. Sencha is still not as well known internationally as matcha since matcha has been promoted more throughout the years.

There are endless types of teas in Japan of which sencha is most familiar and much loved by the Japanese people. It is what they think of when they think of Japanese tea and what is served when receiving guests. Tea leaves are steamed during the manufacturing process of Sencha, which makes it lose its tea enzyme. This is a very rare method and originates in Japan.

Tea is a deep subject and since ancient times Japanese have consumed tea and pursued its manners, there is even the word ‘Sencha-dou’ (way of sencha). There are many different drinking styles, but for everyday people like us to enjoy sencha we shall start from the basic brewing techniques.

Sencha tea best brewed with low temperature water, for this purpose hot water is first poured into the tea cup and then back into the teapot to cool down. Tea leaves are then put into the tea pot but must be brewed for 1 minute to enjoy sencha till the last drop. By brewing with low temperature water we can enjoy the depth of sencha’s tea flavor.

This is the standard sencha brewing technique for quality brands, but more average quality ones need higher temperature water. Good quality sencha will extract tea flavor from the second and and even third pot, while lower quality ones just becomes weak.

Come learn the techniques for a more flavorful sencha and have a more enjoyable tea time!

ICN gallery
96 Leonard Street; London EC2A 4RH
TEL: 0207 729 7977
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