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Ticket Giveaway: Halycon Days Premier, Wednesday 24th August 2011

Halcyon Days, by renowned Japanese playwright and director Shoji Kokami, receives its English language premiere with this production at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith from 23 August to 18 September.  The production is directed by Shoji Kokami, the text is translated by Brooklyn based, Tokyo born writer, director and performer Aya Ogawa. The performance on Wednesday will be followed by a special Q&A with the director.

We have a pair of tickets for the Halcyon Days premier on Wednesday 24th August to give away to a lucky reader. Simply send an email to halcyondays@eat-japan.com with your name and mobile telephone number. We will pick the winner at 6pm on Tuesday 23rd August. Please ensure you are available to attend the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith on the evening of Wednesday 24th August.

Examining the cult popularity of suicide websites in contemporary Japanese culture, Halycon Days looks at a decade where world conflicts are sensationally streamed on twenty-four hour rolling news channels using terms like ‘collateral damage’ and ‘human shields’. Even terrorist organisations boast about their achievements on YouTube, and chronic depression is catered for by the increase of ‘informative’ suicide websites. Are people becoming more jaded with their
real existence? Has life lost sanctity and meaning?

Halcyon Days is a dark comedy that follows the story of three people and one ghost who meet on a suicide website. Will they become another statistic in an increasingly worrying trend or, beneath the will to die, can they find in each other a reason to survive?

To find out more about the play, click here.


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