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Top 5 Japanese Cities For International Food

Japan is home to every cuisine in the world. French, Italian, American – you name it and it will be there. The main reason behind the vast variety of food is tourism in Japan. People from all over the world visit Japan every year and the best thing they like about Japan is the comfort of cuisine. Every city in Japan has thousands of restaurants and cafes waiting to welcome their guests.

Apart from the sight seeing tourist attractions of several cities, they are also known for the type of cuisine available at their restaurants. The top 5 Japanese cities known for their diversity in food ranges are listed below.

Fukuoka City

The liveliest city of Japan, Fukuoka city is known for its vast variety of food. It offers its guest the choice of exquisite Spanish cuisines and a wide variety of Western food.  Both these cuisines are expensive for locals but people coming from all over the world can easily afford them. Western dishes available are pizza, burgers and other kinds of fast food items. The Spanish cuisines available are tortillas, fried shrimps, Paella, and other delicacies.

Benta - Fukuoka City (Photo ©Nick May All rights reserved)


The capital of Japan is also the capital of the food market in Japan. Eventhough it has the largest Japanese menu in the country, Tokyo has almost every cuisine in the world at offer. French, Indian, Italian, Mexican, American and many more cuisines are available in the city. A tourist can witness any cuisine in the world that he/she wants. The costs of these dishes are almost same at what they are sold in their respective countries. Some of the famous restaurants which one must try are the following along with their specialties in brackets.

  • The New York Grill ( American, Steakhouse)
  • Vinoteca ( Italian, Fast Food Restaurant)
  • Nirvana New York ( Indian, Chicken Curry & Desserts)
  • Coucagno ( French, Special Sauces and Desserts)
  • Fonda de la Madrugada ( Mexican,  Chicken w/ Sauces plus tequila)

Vinoteca - Tokyo (Photo ©WhereInTokyo.com All rights reserved)

These are just a few in the long list of restaurants in Tokyo, so if you have deep pockets you should definitely try them out.


The former capital of Japan, Kyoto has a vast variety of cuisines. French, Italian, Indian and American cuisines are the most prominent in this area. Kyoto has a total of 117 restaurants which offer mouth watering dishes from several cultures from across the globe. Some of the famous restaurants in Kyoto are mentioned below:

  • Capricciosa ( Italian, Appetizers & pasta)
  • Kerala ( Indian, Vegetable Dishes )
  • Le Bouchon ( French, Fish, salad & desserts)
  • Bon Bon Cafe (English, Cakes & light meals)

Le Bouchon - Kyoto (Photo ©WhereInTokyo.com All rights reserved)


Osaka in the heart of Kansai, is a showcase of urban Japan. Eventhough Osaka has a total of 22 restaurants, it does not have a wide variety of international cuisines. Some of the most popular restaurants in the city are:

  • Bar Mar (Spanish tapa bar)
  • Flanders Tale (Belgian Rest/Bar)
  • Benoit (French bistro-style menu)
  • Pina Khana (Indian, Desi Food)

Benoit - Osaka (Photo ©WhereInTokyo.com All rights reserved)


One of the most attractive cities of Japan, Kobe is also one of the biggest metropolitans of the country. Kobe has a total of 16 restaurants, a few of which offer Indian and American cuisines. Some of the restaurants worth visiting are:

  • Sona Rupa (Indian, Desi Food)
  • Wakkoku (Beef dishes)
  • Modernark Pharm (American,  Burritos & Rice)
  • Jamaicana (Caribbean)

Jamaicana - Kobe (Photo ©WhereInTokyo.com All rights reserved)

Author Profile:

Andrew Black has been traveling around Japan several times. As a foodie, Andrew has spent a fair share of his time finding the best food places in each city. As part of his trip, Andrew has worked in a sushi conveyor belt restaurant, where he has learnt how to use a sushi machine

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