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Japan Day – The Institute For The Liberal Arts At Doshisha University London

Japan Day and Student Fair in London 8th October 2011, 3p.m – 7p.m.

Offering degrees in Politics, History/Anthropology and Economics taught in small interactive classes.

Highly competitive tuition rates.

Scholarships available.

Come and see for yourself what’s on offer at our Japan Day and Student Fair: The day includes various hands on activities such as manga drawing, sushi making and calligraphy as well as films and lectures followed by an evening of sake tasting and entertainment!

This event is free of charge and open to prospective students, teachers and career advisers.

Please register at: ji-iie@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

Japan Day Student Fair: Saturday 8th October 2011, 3pm-7pm,

Dragon Hall Trust, 17 Stukeley Street, London WC2B 5LT   map

The Institute for the Liberal Arts: http://iie.doshisha.ac.jp/

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

(Image ©Doshisha University All rights reserved)

(Image ©Ikenobo UK London Chapter Chapter All rights reserved)

(Image ©Doshisha University All rights reserved)

The Programme


Doors Open


Hands on activities and display
Make your own home style sushi
Anime and gaming
AnimePang display anime and gaming merchandise
Chie Katsuwada, a manga creator and illustrator from Umisen-Yamasen display and workshop
Write your own name in kanji
Yukiko Ayres, professional calligrapher and dojin(the level above shihan or master) will help you select the perfect kanji for your name
3:30p.m. Demonstration and display by Kiyoko Sawada Rudd, president of the Ikenobo Ikebana Society U.K. London Chapter
Tea ceremony
Practice the tea ceremony with qualified tea ceremony master (shihan) Atsuko Console
A display and demonstration from a professional costume maker
A Japanese legend promises that anyone who fold a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. We’ll fold a thousand cranes, hoping for a speedy recovery for Tohoku. Please donate to the relief effort in the collection box
Try on a summer kimono
Get your picture taken wearing a cotton kimono (yukata)
4p.m. James Long, classically trained Kinko-Ryu shakuhachi player
Taiko drumming
4:45p.m. Kaikyo, the London-based Taiko drumming group, offers a fun performance of traditional songs
Film by Kawamoto Kihachiro, the legendary stop motion animator and puppeteer
Slide shows include Doshisha; Kyoto; Japan; The All Japan Kimono Competition, 2011
Prize draw
Get your tickets for the prize draws
Great prizes from our sponsors
Taiko fish
The winning numbers will be read out in Japanese – be sure you know yours!
Best off-the-cuff English haiku
Manga drawing
Cosplay attendees in costume


Lecture on Japan’s multiculturalism
Associate Professor Bruce White of Doshisha’s Institute for the Liberal Arts


Dean of the Institute for the Liberal Arts, Gregory Poole, explains the study and scholarship opportunities available


Sake Tasting from some of the Kansai region’s micro-breweries and regional specialty snacks
Soft drinks for under 18s

Please note: workshops and performers may change without prior notice


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