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Exhibition: Asian Creative Culture – The Red Gallery London

The project serves as a significant demonstration as to what is happening within the Asian design scene today.

Between Thursday 22nd and Saturday 24th September 2011, the Red Gallery is housing an exhibition called “Asian Creative Culture” consisting of an eclectic range of artwork created by various artists from Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and China.

Asia is a mix of cultures but each country has its own unique identity which can be seen through the creative works of its people. But over the past 10 years the design scene in Asia has changed greatly and throughout Asia the importance of creative industries has increased bringing many international design events to the region.

The display is being held in juxtaposition with the London Design Week and features creations within animation, game design, product, graphics and fashion. The project serves as a significant demonstration as to what is happening within the Asian design scene today.

Opening Night – Thursday 22nd September 2011

The opening night was a great success; DJ Jemapur produced strong, loud electronic soundscapes matching strong, sometimes futuristic, visuals. When the visuals weren’t showing it served as a backdrop to the exhibition, and when the visuals showed, it drew a sizeable and appreciative crowd.

The wall where everyone could contribute their own musings or little cartoons or drawings was a big draw (excuse the pun). A few even had their own little draw-a-certain-manga-character competition between themselves; the centre piece obviously being the contemporary artwork and product designs. Free beer and sake helped lube the night along.

This exhibition is organized by ICN gallery (NPO Hexaproject) and is the second international exhibition on the theme of “Ma間”.

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(Photos ©Mark Isatog All rights reserved)


3 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DT,UK



Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL



Red Gallery Exhibition:

Ground floor: Japan

floor: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan


MA” – 6 Creations Symbolizing Japanese Culture

With a theme based on the ancient Japanese concept of Ma (間, space/time/interval), this exhibit introduces creatives from product, character, sound design fields, and looks into the identity of Japan and it’s convergence of past and present production culture.


One of the unique cultural concepts of Japan is “Ma 間”. Since ancient times, this one word, “Ma”, has expressed both the meaning of ‘time’ as well as ‘space’. The sense of “Ma” has remained within in the Japanese people over the centuries and is something that connects to another unique Japanese cultural concept, the spirit of Wa (和, harmony/peace/serenity). In this exhibition 6 artists will present through their design aesthetics this part of Japanese identity, “Ma”.

Participating artists:

Masao Kurozumi (cactus design), Keita Hanazawa (mag design), Chie Suzuki (Chee), Miki Kobayashi (Hexaproject), Kouichi Okamoto (Kyoei Design), Jemapur


Hisami Omori

CCC (the center for creative communications) Curator, NPO Hexaproject deputy director,

ICN gallery (London) Director/Curator



SINGAPORE “Shiok! A Gastronomy of Singapore Design”

“Shiok! A Gastronomy of Singapore Design” contextualises the Singaporean identity and culture through creative expressions of art, design and film – centered across the unified theme of food.

Participating artists:

Farm, Dawn Tan, Epigram, Don Low, Homespun, Hong Teng, James Tan, Jing, Larry Peh, Lim Kok Boon, Michael Ng, Royston Tan


Jackson Tan

Artist/Designer/Curator/Creative Director


MALAYSIA “Insight”

“Insight” Malaysia Young Contemporary Designers Exhibition is an effort by Bigbros Workshop to bring forth and promote Malaysian designers and their work to a worldwide audience.

Participating artists:

Yeoh-Supernature, Action Tintoy, Driv Loo, Fariz Hanapiah, D.U.R.A., Abs Lee, Steven Toang, Muid Latif, Chun Woei, Shieko, Apoh Paurine, Dweey, Wu Ziqi, Felicia Yee and Kelseyz


Ng Si Juan

Bigbros Workshop Founder/Kuala Lumpur Design Week Vice-President


SOUTH KOREA “Objects around us ask humans the reason of their existence.”

If I have to define my design concept as one word, I might say “discovery”. Most people just recognize their surroundings with basic knowledge given by schools or their parents. It means they just have superficial perceptions of things around them.

Participating artists:

Daisung Kim (Product designer), Laurent Jin Yang (Furniture designer), Chang geun Choi (Graphic designer), Oh soo dong (Lighting designer)


Daisung Kim

Art director



(Photo ©Mark Isatog All rights reserved)

TAIWAN “2011 POST: Taiwan design culture” London Edition

Taiwan is a unique island with diverse culture influences mixed and remixed for centuries. POST is the cultural dock not only referring to the quintessential way of distributing new ideas in this digitized era, but also a transitional phenomenon to reveal the next pre-trend in the island’s highly dynamic ongoing.

Participating artists:

Akibo Lee (Akibo Studio), Joe Fan (FEVER), Mark Chang (Phanlax Studio), Pongo Kuo (Gamania Creative Center), Cowper Wang (Do Something Studio), Arthur Huang (Miniwiz), Marco Chen (Realize Design), Masa (Pure Design), Muh Chen (Grass Jelly studio), Jolin Wu(JWD)


Eric Chen

Branding Director, Gamania Brand Center



The nature of Chinese art is evolving drastically. The creative scene in China has significantly changed. Young Chinese creators are embracing their roots and heritage like never before. These young Chinese creators are remixing the old and the new to create a unique art movement that will continue to change and blossom. To show you a glimpse of this movement, in this exhibition, there is a selection from different genres a group of artists, graphic designers, painters, musicians, and digital technologists to showcase some of their recent works.

Participating artists:

Woog MOMOROBO, Matthew Carey, Francis Lam


Kimiko Mitani Woo / MW Company


“Asia Creative Culture” Background

In 2010 the “Asia Design Conference” was held at the center for creative communications (CCC) in Shizuoka, Japan. Creatives from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Malaysia and South Korea participated in it’s symposium “What’s Happening in Asia—The Present and Future of Asian Creative Industry”. Also held was the first “Asian Creative culture” exhibition and now this second installment will introduce the progress of Asian culture.

About “Asian Creative Culture” sponsor, Shizuoka City

“A city of history and highly skilled craftsmanship.”

Shizuoka City is located in approximately the middle of the main island of Japan, Honshu, between Tokyo and Nagoya – an area known as the most economically active in Japan. Known throughout Japan as a city of “mono-zukuri” (literally: the making of things), Shizuoka has a long history of craftsman thanks in part to the shogun Tokugawa brining the best carpenters, lacquer-smiths and carvers with him when he retired to Shizuoka. For the past 400 years since then, the skills of their decedents have sharpened and Shizuoka is becoming a world-class “mono-zukuricity”.

About CCC

The center for creative communications (CCC), located in Shizuoka, Japan, is a facility for nurturing creative industry talent and promoting collaboration with local industry and businesses. Based on the keywords of “Contemporary”, “Creative” and “Communication”, CCC brings to Shizuoka imaginative works from the creative industry through events and educational programs, and aims to stimulate collaborations with creatives from around the world while also supporting the global introduction of Shizuoka’s creative culture.

(Photo ©Mark Isatog All rights reserved)

Special thanks to Mark Isatog and ICN Gallery.

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