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Press Release: Animeleague Heads To The Entertainment Media Show London

1st – 2nd October 2011  – all ages welcome!

Animeleague will be heading up the anime, cosplay, video gaming and j-culture for this year’s Entertainment Media Show (run by Showmasters, the same people who have brought you the UK’s biggest sci-fi/gaming/anime/comic event London Film and Comic Con!), which is expected to get over 25,000 attendance. There are too many big-name guests to list, see them at http://www.entertainmentmediashow.com

This year’s Entertainment Media Show will be held at the same venue of London Film and Comic Con – Earl’s Court! Bigger and Better than all previous EMS’s! They’re going to really push out the boat this time and make this year’s EMS as big as LFCC was in July! Make sure not to miss this!
As well as everything else, Animeleague will be holding a general meetup of anime fans and cosplayers. We would like to welcome your input in what you’d like us to do. Maybe you’d like us to organise a cosplay picnic outside for example? Come post about it at http://www.animeleague.net/forum/showthread.php?67299
Of course, if you want to organise your own meetup, please go ahead and do so. If you want us to help publicise it, please email us on info@animeleague.com and we’ll make sure it gets attention!
Get ready for the autumn event of 2011, now even bigger and better than ever! Entertainment Media Show, the sister event of EMS has something for everyone, whether you enjoy cosplay, j-culture, anime, manga, video gaming, sci-fi, fantasy or movies! There are far too many guests to list and fan-zones aplenty.. read on!
We have an exciting lineup on the 2nd stage over Cosplay, Anime, J-Culture and Comics. Make sure to also check out our highlights; the cosplay masquerade and the EMS talent show.
10am – J-Culture: History of Kimono
11am – Cosplay: Face & Body Painting Guide
12pm – J-Culture: Tea Ceremony
1pm – Cosplay: Prop-Making Guide
2pm – Cosplay: Wig-Styling 101
3pm – Cosplay Masquerade
3:45pm – Charity Appeal: Aid for Japan
4pm – EMS Talent Show
5pm – Art Battle: Artists v Audience
10am – J-Culture: Bushido – Way of the Samurai
11am – Cosplay: Costume, Props & Armour with Foam
12pm – J-Culture: Kimono Demo
1pm – Cosplay: Steampunk Guide
2pm – Youtube Video Making For Beginners
3pm – Cosplay Masquerade
3:45pm – Charity Appeal: Aid for Japan
4pm – Art: Comics Industry Panel with Art-Guests
The Cosplay Zone is back bigger and better than ever! Not only do we have the masquerade on each day with a massive £100 prize to each winner, but we also have a series of cosplay talks and presentations on stage and displays! If that was not enough there’s the Talent Show, The Skit Show, themed cosplay days (Harry Potter on Saturday and Doctor Who on Sunday), a photography area, a chillout area for meets, cosplay displays, and much more!
Full changing facilities will be available for cosplayers in the zone throughout the day as well as a chillout spot for you to sit down and get to know fellow-cosplayers.
There will be cosplay talks on stage throughout the day (more than ever before) which shall include guides on Face & Body Painting, Prop-Making, Wig-Styling, Costume, Props & Armour with Foam, a Steampunk Guide and more!
Want to make a cosplay group? If you are looking to arrange a cosplay group, please use the Showmasters cosplay forum at http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showforum=53 to do so. Just make a topic which the group idea you have in mind, or reply to other existing topics.

Bio Hazard - aka Resident Evil (Courtesy of Capcom)

The Video Game Zone shall be even bigger and better this year with even more screens and consoles than before from the very retro right through to the modern era. We shall be running a fan-zone area which shall offer a host of casual-play and tournaments throughout the day!
The zone is a great place to make friends and play games with fellow gamers. Grab some buddies and come along to challenge others across a variety of multi-player games! There will also be a number of consoles for people to sit down and chill-out, as well as DDR and guitar-hero/rock-band areas.
Saturday Tournaments
12 Noon: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 – PS3
2pm: Super Smash Brothers Brawl – Wii
4pm: Street Fighter 4 – PS3
12 Noon: Mario Kart – Wii
2pm: Dance Dance Revolution
4pm: Guitar Hero – X360
Make sure to check out the Comics Zone, which shall include numerous guests and professional artists, including the likes of Lee Townsend and Henry Davies. There will also be an extensive range of small-press artists and comic-creators.
At the heart of this area is the Artists Alley which is for amateur comic & manga artists to chill out, draw and meet other artists. No experience required and absolute beginneers are more than welcome!
At the very front of the Artist Alley resides the Art Wall that will be up throughout the day for you to pin your artwork to. The top three pieces of artwork as judged by our panel of professionals at the end of the day will win prizes!
There shall be numerous events, talks, panels and workshops going on throughout the day. This shall include the artists v the audience event, which will see pros compete against you the attendees, a portfolio building workshop, a comics industry panel, origami, figure-drawing classes and much much more!
New to this EMS, check out.. Giant Artist Mural: Aruta Soup shall be painting a giant art mural as the center piece for the Artist Alley.
EMS sketchbook: Come contribute to the Artist Alley sketchbook, one page per person as we aim to fill it up!
EMS All-Day Comicstrip: A long continuous scroll with ready drawn panels shall be on the Artist Alley tables. Contributions shall be taken from all artists, come contribute to the EMS Comicstrip!
The J Culture Area this year will be home to a wide variety of attractions! There will be culture talks from Japanese Culture expert Akemi Solloway ( www.akemisolloway.com ) , the daughter of an old samurai family. These will include the chance to try on a kimono and learn about the garment’s origin, and to take part in a traditional, fifteenth century tea ceremony!
That’s not all – the origami section shall cater to attendees of all abilities will be present, allowing you to learn the traditional art of folding paper and take home their works of art.
Other activities available will include a calligraphy area, where you will be able to learn how to write your name in Japanese using traditional ink and brushes. There will also be a number of stage events involving the audience, check out the 2nd stage timetable for more information.
Casual play and trading areas will also be provided with a wide range of single cards, boosters, booster boxes and deck protector supplies will be available. Officially sanctioned tournaments and casual play bought to you by the Videodrone (www.thevideodrome.net) including popular Yu Gi Oh and Magic The Gathering Tournaments!
Get your picture taken with your favourite stars by a professional photographer at EMS.
A real genuine keepsake to remind your of your day when you got to meet a favourite actor or actress. Photo Sessions take place early in the day to allow enough time for the photos to be developed so you can then take them away before you head home.
Each guest taking part in photo ops will be assigned one session per day, or one session over the weekend depending on demand, you can check which days when you pre-book your photo tickets but photo shoot times will not be released until nearer the event. Photo tickets can be brought on the day.
With plenty of guests and 100s of exhibitors and dealers, there is much much more than just the fan-zones. Make sure to also check out the stages for all the latest events, talks and happenings throughout the day.
For all the latest news and information why not join up on the forums at http://www.showmastersonline.com/forums A great chance to get to know fellow attendees beforehand and to discuss the event!
Show Dates: 1-2 October 2011
Friday (Preview Night): 6pm – 9pm
Saturday: Early Entry – 9am / Standard Entry from 11am – Show closes at 6pm.
Sunday: Early Entry – 9am / Standard Entry from 11am – Show closes at 5pm.
Saturday and Sunday: Early entry – £12 all ages Standard entry from 11am – £6 adults, £3 children (12 and under)
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