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Celebrity Guests Attend Japan Tourism Reception in London

Jonathan Ross spoke at the event of his great love of Japan!

Jonathan Ross and BBC Masterchef winner Tim Anderson were amongst over 250 guests who attended a Japan tourism reception at the Embassy of Japan on 11 October. The evening aimed to stimulate British demand for visiting the country after a fall in the number of visitors as a result of the earthquake and tsunami disaster over 7 months ago in Japan’s north-eastern region.

Jonathan Ross spoke at the event of his great love of Japan, saying that if he was to live anywhere but London, it would definitely be Tokyo. Ross has an incredible knowledge of and enthusiasm for Japanese manga and anime. His highly acclaimed Japanorama series for BBC explored various aspects of Japanese modern culture; including cosplay, film, music, TV, anime and manga. If you missed Japanorama you can check it out on YouTube!  Ross’s number one tip for foods to try in Japan was okonomiyaki, a delicious pork and cabbage pancake served with mayonnaise and other special sauces. Ross said he hopes to visit Japan again before the end of the year.

Jonathan Ross and Natsuki Kikuya (Photo ©Saera Jin All rights reserved)

Japanese cuisine, which has seen its popularity in the West increase dramatically over the years (the number of Japanese restaurants in the UK alone has increased threefold over the last decade), was just one of the key themes at the event, which will included a selection of food, including nigiri-zushi, tempura, exquisite Japanese sweets and sake. Tim Anderson, this year’s winner on the BBC’s Masterchef series, who spent several years in Japan, also spoke about the attractions of visiting the country. Anderson, who plans to soon open his own Japanese restaurant in London, said his favourite food in Japan is tonkatsu ramen, a pork noodle soup.

MasterChef Tim Anderson and Mr-Hayashi Ambassdor of Japan (Photo ©Saera Jin All rights reserved)

The number of UK visitors to Japan in September this year was 22% down on the same month last year, despite countless places of scenic and historical interest across the country being unaffected by the disaster. On the night of the Japanese Embassy’s tourism reception guests from major tour operators and airlines said they have seen a definite bounce back for autumn 2011 holiday bookings for Japan and spring 2012 bookings are looking strong.

All the photos are taken by Saera Jin.

Special thanks to JNTO (Japan Tourist Organization)

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