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“Gal-loween”: Mooma Gives Her First US Live Performance

Mooma performs at LA’s most authentic and elegant Akiba-style maid cafe!

Mooma, J-pop princess Mio Himeyima’s alter ego, performed in America for the very first time at the global pop extravenganza Gal-loween on 26 October 2011 at the Royal/T Cafe, Shop, & Artspace. The event was organised by Tune in Tokyo, a J-Pop & Global Dance DJ unit based in Los Angeles. Dressed in frilly white attire with lace gloves, Mooma gave a rousing  30 minute performance which consisted of seven songs that included a blend of her own material and cover versions of tunes written by her songwriting partner Frottageshi (see song listing below). Promo video’s to her songs were shown throughout her performance – a new video for “A, un” was made specially for the event.

The ghoulish showcase was hosted by Kimimela Gals and included a fashion show sponsored by ShibuyaLA, Kigurumi Shop, and Rockeresque Beauty and costume/fashion contests with prizes for “Best Galloween”, “Best Kawaii”, “Best Kowaii”, “Best Costume”, and “Best Makeup”.

(Photo ©Tune in Tokyo All rights reserved)

Mooma’s stay in the US, which lasted for one week, was made possible by Tune in Tokyo who took great care of her whilst she was there. “My friends took me to many places,” She told us. “We went to a fancy dress shop and there was a long queue of people waiting to try on Halloween costumes. In Japan Halloween is not a popular tradition, so I was surprised to see the American zeal for it.”

Mooma hopes she will get the opportunity to perform in other countries outside Japan and would love to perform in Europe, especially the UK. As a supporter of Mooma and her music, Diverse Japan will be delighted to see her take to the stage in London – let’s hope it will be sooner than later.

Mooma’s song listing for Gal-loween:

  1. “Kakuhan”
  2. “Silver”
  3. Ikenaiwa
  4. “Meitantei arawaru”
  5. “Amazing Tokyo”
  6.  “A, un”
  7. “Shounen”
  8. “Ouma ga koku Sketch”

Mooma Official Website

Tune in Tokyo Official Website

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