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NHK WORLD Viewers Choice 2011

NHK WORLD TV Starts 2012 with your choice!

Back by popular demand, NHK WORLD TV special request series “Viewers’ Choice” returns in 2011. Vote for the programme of your choice via the NHK WORLD website. High-ranking programs will be broadcast back-to-back for six days from Jan. 1, next year.

A total of 41 programmes have been nominated from those broadcast on NHK WORLD TV in 2011. These programmes either enjoyed popularity with viewers when they originally went to broadcast or come recommended by NHK WORLD staff themselves.

From the 41 nominated programs, the Top 22 will be broadcast in January of next year. Your vote directly determines NHK WORLD TV’s on-air schedule!

Voting closes Dec. 19. Results will be announced both on television and on the NHK WORLD website. Vote now!

Nominated Programmes.

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