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Music Review: “Sweet Christmas” Shonen Knife Maxi Single

“Hark now hear Shonen Knife sing!”

2011 has been an amazing year for the all-female punk-pop group Shonen Knife. Not only did they release two albums, “Free Time” and “The Osaka Ramones – A Tribute To The Ramones”, but they also celebrated their 30th anniversary by playing a sell out tour of Europe and America as well as venues in their homeland Japan.  But the girls haven’t finished for this year just yet.  They’ve decided to “wrap” up 2011 with a Christmas maxi single called “Sweet Christmas”, a song about having fun and eating cake during the festive season.

The band’s distinctive guitar-thrashing sound is sprinkled all over the foot-stomping title track like Hundreds ‘n’ Thousands on a delicious cupcake (or should that be “fairy” cake at this time of year?!).  It’s simple, catchy and full of good cheer, which is everything we’ve come to expect from the lovely trio, and Naoko’s lead vocals are appealing as ever.  The arrangement is straightforward with no over-the-top cheesy sleigh bells or a high-pitched snotty-noised school choir.

We’re also treated to an un-plugged version which includes acoustic guitar, tambourine and cute La La’s from Emi and Ritsuko who also provide accompanying vocals on the third track, a cosy rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.

“Sweet Christmas” is a real cracker that should be in everyone’s Christmas stocking!

Track listing:

  1. Sweet Christmas
  2. Sweet Christmas (Acoustic Ver.)
  3. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Maxi single available for purchase as download or CD by Charamel Records (US) and Damnably Records (UK)

Download at iTunes or Amazon.co.uk

Release date: 29th November 2011

Sleeve - UK Version

Sleeve - US Version

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