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Product Review: Japanese Woodprint Designs And Other Works Of Art For Your Smartphone Case

Make your smartphone look even smarter!

For many of us, the mobile phone is more than just a useful communication device; it’s also a treasured possession that has now become a very important fashion accessory. However, the limited selection of colours and patterns each phone originally come in make their overall look seem rather bland and can cause difficulty in distinguishing one phone from another.  Furthermore, their overall appearances don’t say anything about us as individuals. Inevitably this has created a gap in the market. Out of this opportunity grew Giant Sparrows, a merchandise company set up by art lovers that provides wonderfully designed phone cases to cater for all tastes.

Giant Sparrows is an online store that uses the latest printing technology to give your iPhone or Blueberry outer shell a really stunning, high quality look. You can choose from their ever expanding library of assorted designs and patterns, which include a fabulous collection of famous Japanese woodprints by masters such as Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Utagawa Hiroshige as well as well-known Western works of art like “Sun Flowers” by Van Gogh and “The Kiss” by Klimt (below right) – a style of painting from the Art Nouveau movement inspired in part by Japanese prints – and modern Street Art and photography. But perhaps the most appealing aspect of the services this company provides is the ability for you to personalise your phone by allowing you to upload your own one-of-a-kind design or photograph. The procedure is very simple, here’s how it works http://www.giantsparrows.co.uk/how-it-works  Make sure you select the right phone type.

The creators of Giant Sparrows have also sourced original work by contemporary artists, designers and illustrators, giving them a chance to have their work seen and appreciated by those who may not have the opportunity to frequent galleries and exhibitions; you literally can have art in your pocket.

If you are an artist and would like to see your work appear on Giant Sparrows products, then their following message is for you:

We’re on the hunt for great artists to include on our site. If you would like to be become a Giant Sparrow please contact us on submissions@giantsparrows.co.uk with a link to your website or a pdf of your portfolio and our Art Direction team will get in touch.  Please bear in mind that we receive many submissions and it may take us up to 30 days to get back to you.

Giant Sparrows provide a worldwide service. So no matter where you live in the world, your custom is welcome!

For more information and to browse Giant Sparrows image collection, please visit their website http://www.giantsparrows.co.uk/

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