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DVD Review: Gravure Idol Saaya Irie: “17 – Sexy” & “17 – Pure”

Apart from the obvious, Saaya has many redeeming features!

Between March and April 2011, two editions of the Saaya “17” idol DVD were released – the first, “Sexy”, came out on 16th March, and the second, “Pure”, on 20th April. As with many Saaya gravure idol DVDs these ones come with a stunning 5×3 Collectors Photo and a reversible sleeve (see images below).

Previous to these releases, there have been no less than 14 Saaya idol DVDs available on the market. It’s not surprising to learn that her popularity in Japan and abroad is on the rise. These two discs showcasing her in various skimpy outfits illustrate why she has such an appeal. Apart from the obvious, Saaya has many redeeming features, such as an adorable smile and silky long flowing hair. And she is able to pull-off being sexy and cute as well as elegant.

Saaya turned 18 in November 2011, two months after she had begun her term as the official ambassador for the popular video game Bio Hazard (aka Resident Evil). So no doubt her future idol DVD releases will be even more sexier. As far as idol DVDs go, “17 -Sexy” and “17 – Pure” are rather classy!

There are brief chapter discriptions below for each disc.

Saaya Irie “17 – Sexy”

Saaya Irie idol DVD: "17 - Sexy" sleeve


  1. Steady: This DVD kicks off with a sequence with Saaya in a changing room undressing down to her underwear.
  2. Crystal: Our temptress looks alluringly into the camera lens as she models a pair of high-laced boot-styled footwear whilst wearing a gold bikini affixed with chains.
  3. Envy: Lying on a sofa, Saaya reveals a violet bikini underneath her frilly blouse.
  4. Relax: Soothing music is playing as the camera gets in close.
  5. Celebrity: A sequence that will get any hot-blooded male heart racing. Saaya is dressed provocatively in fish-net stockings and red underwear, covered temporarily by a leopard-styled fur coat.
  6. Elegance: Red, the colour for passion, continues to be used in this chapter as Saaya dons an elegant backless dress in a hotel lobby as sensual saxophone music plays.  She is alone.  Is she waiting for you?
  7. Twilight: Saaya demonstrates the art of seduction by eating fruit.
  8. Silence: Water is a running theme in most idol DVDs and is the bases for this chapter.
  9. Darkness: Water continues to be the main feature in this swimming pool sequence that depicts Saaya looking sexy in a stimulating piece of swimwear.
  10. Passion: Temptation is the name of the game in this concluding chapter as Saaya lies scantly dressed in black lace on a bed.

Saaya Irie idol DVD: "17 - Sexy" reversible sleeve

Saaya Irie “17 – Pure”

Saaya Irie idol DVD: "17 - Pure" sleeve


  1. Innocent: Saaya’s timid and wholesome persona is offset by the sexy white lace outfit she wears within this bedroom setting.
  2. Greeting: Dressed in a modest-styled pink dress, Saaya performs the everyday act of brushing her teeth with playfulness.
  3. Sky High:  The chapter starts with an outdoor scene of Saaya wearing a long red winter coat as she aimlessly walks along a hotel roof-top. It then cuts to the building’s interior with our idol running up and down corridors.
  4. My Time: Soft music plays as Saaya embraces a pillow in another bedroom sequence. Dressed in green lingerie, she lovingly gazes and smiles into the camera.
  5. Favorite: Things get a little steamer as Saaya, wearing a yellow bikini, indulges herself in an Onsen.
  6. Sporty: Our lovely petit idol goes for a workout in the gym.
  7. Preppy: Saaya reveals a purple bikini underneath her French-style outfit – Berry and all.
  8. In the Morning: A great sequence that has Saaya seductively eating bread and jam washed down with a glass of milk. But she doesn’t sit still for too long and poses by a large window.
  9. Gothic Doll: A beautiful piece of classical music is the soundtrack to this chapter. The seductress lounges on a sofa in fishnet stockings and sexy black and white polka dot underwear.
  10. Swimming Class: A blue one-piece swimsuit hugs Saaya’s body as she frolics about in an indoor swimming pool.

Saaya Irie idol DVD: "17 - Pure" reversible sleeve

Saaya Irie: "17 -Sexy" Collector Photo

Saaya Irie: "17 - Pure" Collectors Photo

Special thanks to Ace Crew Entertainment Ltd

Both DVDs can be purchased online at Yesasia.com

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  1. S.K
    April 8, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Saaya You look amazing when laughing.


    • December 20, 2021 at 8:34 pm

      I love saaya iries beautiful smile she handles herself beautifully and she has the most beautiful eyes while watching one of her videos take the time to stare at her eyes she is beautiful from head to toe but her eyes get me every time. 😍


  2. S.K
    April 8, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Saaya you are always in my thoughts,O wonderful.


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