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Exhibition: Gen Miyamura “Image Langue: Linear Code” – Modern Calligraphy

ICN gallery presents IMAGE LANGUE: Linear Code by Gen Miyamura from 19 Jan. – 22 Feb 2012..

Miyamura creates a world of readable abstractions with lines, dots and ink for this international debut exhibition. One of the visionary modern Japanese calligraphy artists of his generation, Gen Miyamura is a pioneer of new image creation by combining an understanding of Sho (calligraphy) as art with his unique view and Japanese calligraphy aesthetics. This exhibition will premiere new artworks from his “Image Langue (2010)” project where the Bokusho-style of calligraphy is given a uniquely redefined meaning of abstract expressionism with the inclusion of a language element.

The post-war era implementation of western art concepts in Japan lead the transformation of traditional Japanese calligraphy to a modern artistic form, Gendai-Sho. By adding a linguistic system to Bokusho-style, Miyamura has given the calligraphic work a new purpose and with Image Langue a motive to step out of it’s own realm. This is a project that will be the foundation of new beginnings of calligraphy art. Come dive into Miyamura’s tranquil world.

"Universe" (Courtesy of ICN Gallery)

Gen Miyamura (b. 1980; Shizuoka Japan)

“Bokusho” artist (avant-garde Japanese calligraphy) Miyamura graduated from Niigata University with a Master’s Degree in Calligraphy. Sublimating the beauty of traditional characters and abstract expression through radical approaches, he has developed his works in various media and fields, from design to fine art. He has won a range of awards including the prizes at Mainichi Shodo Exhibition & Association, which is the most honorable calligraphy exhibition in Japan.

Opening Party: 19 January from 7:00–9:00

Curator’s Message:

Miyamura has been exploring the possibilities of “Sho” (calligraphy) by integrating Bokusho techniques (an avant-garde style developed in Japan after the second world war) into the traditional Sho-style. The concept for “Image Langue” started in 2010 when he redefined his Bokusho art works into alphabets and attempting to give Sho new meaning. In his previous project he developed the radical idea of reconstructing abstract dots into the 48 Hiragana syllables (one of the Japanese writing styles) which were then placed in graphical works.

"Irohanihoheto" (Courtesy of ICN Gallery)

For this exhibition, Miyamura perpetuates this idea by expressing the 26 letter roman alphabet into abstract “Linear Codes”. It is an attempt to break existing ideas about letters and bridge the gaps between Western and Eastern cultures as well as calligraphy and contemporary art. The idea to use alphabets in work as seen in Xu Bing’s “New English Calligraphy” is not new, but instead of creating imitation Chinese characters the main feature of Miyamura’s “Image Langue: Linear Code” is the experience of readable abstractions. The viewer is exposed to the infinite possibilities of ‘lines’ composed solely of ink and the techniques of Sho. Diversification resulting from an epic tale—perhaps an analogy of our time.

While being both culturally rooted and yet progressive at the same time, with Bokusho Miyamura challenges our fixed perceptions and has drawn attention as one of the leading Sho artists of his generation. This exhibition is his first outside of Japan. How will an audience of a mostly non-Chinese character based language background perceive the works of “Linear Code”? Perhaps they will be even more inspired by its orientalism and find interest in these works.

About “Bokusho”

“Bokusho” is one of the avant-garde calligrahpy (Zen-ei-shodo) art styles exported from Japan to the west in the post-World War II era which establishes an aesthetically structured form designed by time and space where simply the beauty of form, line, ink and white space is claimed.

ICN Gallery Website

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