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Daruma Doll: Keep An Eye On Your Dreams In 2012

Nana Korobi Yaoki “ – “Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

Do you have a special goal that you want to achieve in 2012? To pass a tough exam? To find a new love? Maybe achieve a certain sales or profit target?  Or simply to stay fit and healthy?

A popular New Year’s tradition in Japan is to harness the goal-achieving power of their centuries-old iconic Daruma doll. Simply choose “the colour” of your aspiration, the size of doll, and order away directly from Japan. Our friends at We Love Daruma send hundreds of Daruma dolls every year to dream-makers all over the world. And a portion of sales goes to charity as well.

Remember, never ever give up on your dreams! http://welovedaruma.com

To learn more about the Daruma doll, read our post Daruma Doll: The World’s Cutest Motivational Object!

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