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Film Review: All Around Us (Gururi no Koto) – A Film By Tomoyuki Furumaya

Has some light hearted comedy moments to contrast with the pathos!

All Around Us (screened as part of the ICA Japanese cinema season Whose Film Is It Anyway?  Contemporary Japanese Auteurs) is a film directed by Tomoyuki Furumaya about the lives of a young married couple, Kanao (Franky Lily) and Shoko (Kimura Tae) in the months leading up to and the ten years after the death of their baby daughter.

Shoko is a very controlled women working as a Graphic Designer for a publishing company and Kanao is more laid back working for a shoe repair shop. Shoko is also pregnant with the couple’s first child and they are both making plans for the new arrival and dealing with the changes that this will bring in their own ways. Kanao is offered a job sketching the defendants in court cases for a local newspaper and the story moves on to feature the rivalry and friendship between the Courtroom Newspaper Sketch Artists as he gets to know his new colleagues. When the child dies shortly after birth we see how this affects the relationship between them and how they each react to and cope with the loss of their child.

(Courtesy of Japan Foundation)

The film is mostly a drama but has some light hearted comedy moments to contrast with the pathos and follows their lives over the ten years after the death of the baby and how their lives and relationship develop and change over that time.

The strong cast features an assembly of interesting characters in the couple, and their work colleagues, friends and family. The story also covers the drama of the courtroom and often features cases relating to major events that happened in Japan during the period as well as references to the changes in the Japanese economy that a lot of people will be familiar with.

We follow the relationship between the couple and how they both cope with emotions they have after the death of the child as well as their relationships with their family and friends and the affect that the changes in their lives have an effect on them all.

The film is shot in a way that follows the characters closely but also shows how the changes in the couple’s life affects them and their love for and trust in each other and the affects of psychology, guilt, depression has on them both.

All Around Us has a very strong narrative and is shot in a very dramatic and colourful way. Fans of J-drama especially will find the film to be a most enjoyable watch.

(Courtesy of Japan Foundation)

Author Profile:

Ian Rudd has always had a passion for films, music, art and comics. He also has an interest in Japanese traditional and contemporary culture, food, films, anime, manga and music as well as a general interest in the cultures of other Asian countries too. In recent years he has been involved in helping to organise various Japanese related events such as the Japanese Art Festival, Bunkasai, Aid For Japan and more recently CamCon http://thecamcon.com/ which covers a more varied range of contemporary cuture.

The ICA Japanese cinema season Whose Film is it Anyway? Contemporary Japanese Auteurs is part of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme. For more details and film listing, click here.

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