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Japan – Conflicting Opinions: UK Attitudes To Japanese Business and Products

The future for Japan can be extremely positive!

Anime, ikebana, karate, sushi … Japan holds many fascinations. Most, if not all of us, own something Japanese, whether it be electronics or cars. But what do we really think about Japanese products and business?

The answer seems to be that most people do not think much about Japanese business at all. Not that they are negative; they just have no concrete image.

Media coverage of Japanese business in the UK is unusual and normally follows problems, disasters or scandals. The most recent terrible tsunami and Fukushima catastrophes are still, rightly, seared on most people’s minds.

Normally, Japanese companies in Europe shy away from dealing with the media out of fear and distrust or, more charitably, some would say, a lack of knowledge and experience.

RDPI carried out a simple survey to get a snapshot of UK attitudes to Japanese business and products. The results, whilst not statistically significant, are interesting and will also be compared on another occasion with a similar survey carried out in Japan.

A small group (73) was polled, of which a third (24 = 34%) had some or a lot of experience of dealing with Japan (‘experienced’) and the remainder (49 = 66%) had none (‘inexperienced’). Whilst there were some similarities between the two sub-groups, there were also some important differences. Continue reading…

With thanks to Roger Prentis, Editor-in-chief of Business Works magazine.

Business Works is distributed on a named basis to decision makers (including CEOs, CFOs, Marketing Directors) in leading businesses, the Times Top 1000 and Members of Parliament. Distribution is via a controlled circulation and subscriptions are also available.

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