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Singer/Songwriter Mooma Presents A New Weekly Radio Show

Online Japanese newspaper Miraishimbun goes audio!

Diverse Japan is happy to announce that singer/songwriter Mooma (Mio Himemiya) will co-present a radio version of the Japanese online newspaper Miraishimbun (English title: Future Times).

Basically, Miraishimbun is a place where people can contribute articles about stories and events they would like to see happen in the future but are written in the present tense. As you can imagine, many of the articles are very humorous whilst some are quite serious.

This new and exciting weekly radio programme called “HimemiyaMio’s Kawasakike Miraishimbun” will begin broadcast on Wednesday 4th April 2012 from 10.30 pm.

To listen to the show, go to www.kawasakifm.co.jp

To visit the show’s website, go to www.miraishimbun.jp/kawasakike

The theme song, “Mirai Planetarium”, is written and performed by Mooma and can be heard below as an edited version in the show’s promotional video.



Radio show – “HimemiyaMio’s Kawasakike Miraishimbun”

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