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Japan Underground Makes Broken Doll’s Latest Album ” Reach For The Sky” Available Worldwide

Kawaii culture with pop-punk party beats!

HARAJUKU PARTY SQUAD Broken Doll release their brand new album “Reach for the Sky” on 11 April, and thanks to Japan Underground – the UK’s leading J-rock specialists – a limited number of copies will be available outside of Japan for the bargain price of £10.

Broken Doll combine Japan’s kawaii culture with pop-punk party beats, wrapping it up in bright colours and cute accessories. One reason their visual style is so vibrant is partly due to its guitarist Kensuke, who also runs a quirky fashion brand and boutique with the same name as the band.

Tom Smith, director of Japan Underground, comments;

“I caught the band live in concert while in Tokyo earlier this year, and instantly fell in love! They reminded me of some kind of hybrid; Kyary Pamyu Pamyu meets Sex Pistols; Japanese subculture meets British punk style; fashion meets fun. I knew I had to bring them to England and the rest of the world. I hope Japan Underground can help to make their music easier to access around the world.”

“Reach for the Sky” can be purchased now by clicking here and will be shipped from the UK. The CD will also be available exclusively from Japan Underground’s booth at the MCM Expo London Comic Con between 25-27 May at the Excel Centre, London.

(Courtesy of Twisted PR)

Broken Doll “Reach for the Sky” track listing:

  1. Just tell me now
  2. Arch Bunny
  3. She’s Shifty
  4. Nothing But A Good Time
  5. Don’t Stop Me
  6. All Girls Wanna Be Happy
  7. Da.Di.Da – TKM3 (KEYTALK) Remix

Broken Doll’s homepage: http://brokendoll.jp/

Japan Underground’s homepage: http://japanunderground.wordpress.com/

The MCM Expo London Comic Con’s homepage: http://www.londonexpo.com/

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