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Cool “New” Look For NEO Magazine Website Ahead Of 100th Issue

“Expect exclusive daily updates!” (NEO Magazine’s editor Gemma Cox)

The UK’s longest running publication of its kind, NEO Magazine, celebrates the redesign of its website this month as the journal approaches its 100th issue.

NEO Magazine first opened up the world of anime, manga, Asian film and eastern music and pop culture to the people of Great Britain in 2004 where it has continued to grow ever since. Now, soon approaching its eighth anniversary and 100th issue, publisher’s Uncooked Media have decided to boost the publication’s presence by giving its homepage a complete redesign as well as strengthening its existing fanbase through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

NEO Magazine’s editor Gemma Cox says,

“We’ve been working away behind the scenes to transform NEO’s website into the essential, one stop shop for all your east Asian entertainment needs! Expect exclusive daily updates for the site, which features anime and manga, Asian film, lifestyle and games sections, including news, reviews, features and trailers. We’ve also got information about how to interact with the magazine and see your work and comments printed in the next issue, plus handy feeds from our Twitter and Facebook profiles. Plus, you can now even download digital copies directly from the site, too!”

“We’re planning on running plenty of competitions online in the near future – so make sure to visit NEO’s homepage, where we’ll be posting information about contests, and to check out the Twitter and Facebook feeds, which will also feature exclusive competitions!”

The URL for the new website is;

NEO Magazine’s social networks can also be found via the following links;



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