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NEO Magazine Launches New Profile Series Kicking Off With Action Idol Nao Nagasawa

NEO magazine issue 97 OUT NOW!

In the latest issue, Neo magazine introduces a new profile series starting off with actress/idol Nao Nagasawa. The monthly series is written by Diverse Japan creator and administrator, Spencer Lloyd Peet, who interviewed Miss. Nagasawa in January 2012, and focuses on individual Japanese talent/personalities within the entertainment business. Also included in this issue:

It’s back to school for NEO as the team tackle the barmy world of Manga Entertainment’s Baka and Test – the anime where being the class dunce can have serious implications on your HP! Matt Kamen examines the series’ chaotic cast of failures ahead of its release next month.

The anime goodness doesn’t end there. Crammed inside the UK’s anime, manga and Asian pop culture magazine is also the very latest news and reviews of the latest series, including Langrange: The Flower of Rin-ne, Kiddy Grade and a full blown tour of the Bleach movie universe as the franchise’s third film Fade to Black gets analysed by our critical eyed reviewers. Plus! Dragon Ball Z is about to strike the UK on DVD and NEO has all the information you need to know about it!

The magazine also celebrates the legend that is Jackie Chan as the action star releases his 100th movie. Further Asian film goodness is included with news of Takashi Miike’s latest remake, reviews of the bloody Yakuza Hunters and Re-Cycle – a film that promises ‘The Matrix meets Inception’ – and find out which Jackie Chan film makes this issue’s Buyers’ Guide.

For fans of Asian music, NEO #97 contains an exclusive interview with Japan’s pioneering hardcore act Crossfaith ahead of their UK tour. There’s also NEO’s regular coverage of the Japanese music charts and UK specific music news, including Japan Underground’s latest show in London and Birmingham featuring three of Japan’s hottest indie rock talents, as well as news of the NEO Party, taking place right after the upcoming MCM Expo!

Speaking of Expo, NEO also takes a sneaky peak at what some of the event’s exhibitors will have up for grabs during the three-day weekend. Make sure you’re clued up so you don’t miss out!

Plus Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Bleach and Baka and Test posters! Industry expert Jonathan Clements examines the latest manga hitting Japan.

All that and a whole lot more for £4.25 – or £2.99 digitally – NEO must be baka!

NEO magazine is the UK’s only Asian pop culture magazine, covering anime, manga, Asian movies, music, cosplay and more.

Released every four weeks, the magazine is on sale from all good newsagents, WHSmiths and branches of Tesco.

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