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Globe To Globe Festival: Chiten Theatre Company Performs Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus”

Tuesday 22 May 2012 from 7.30pm

Join the Japan Society at the Globe Theatre for Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, performed by Chiten Theatre Company, and get £10 off the best seats in the house! This is a rare opportunity to see this exciting Kyoto-based company, directed by Motoi Miura, one of Japan’s most imaginative artists. Working together with actors, stage designers, lighting artists and others, Chiten performances explore the dynamics of expression with words, movement, lighting, sound and video. Celebrated for their innovative minimalist vision and restructuring of original playwrights’ works, they will present their interpretation of Shakespeare to England for the first time at the Globe to Globe Festival. Coriolanus will be performed in Japanese with a scene synopsis in English.

Japan Society members will also have the opportunity to meet the members of the company and their select Globe Theatre guests, while enjoying drinks and food prepared by Tsuru Bankside, just a short walk from the Globe Theatre.

Tickets for the performance of Coriolanus and tickets for the post-performance reception can be purchased separately or together.

Coriolanus at the Globe Theatre
Japan Society group booking

Meet the Chiten Company
Post performance reception at Tsuru Bankside

Booking essential (places are limited)
Booking deadline – Friday 27 April

Performance – £25 (SPECIAL OFFER – discounted from £35)
Reception – £20
Performance and reception together – £45

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