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DVD Review: Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White!

This series makes history sound interesting!

Hetalia started out as an anime series that was comical as well as educational to young children and teenagers alike. It was about parts of history that in a classroom would have been boring to read about or have a tutorial on. It’s history, period. But this series makes history sound interesting, and as it’s from around the world, children, teens and even adults can get something from it, even if it is only reminiscing about their schooldays, yet school was never as fun as this!

The past couple of series concentrated on each country working their way through World War II where every character was a respective country with their accents and eccentric foibles. There are two who are more excessively comical than the rest; Germany and Italy who always seem to fight even though they have an obvious friendship.

In Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White! The story has changed, and this time they are all part of a full-length movie. The characters are all in the future thinking that all is well with the world until an alien invasion fleet come to see the humans and transform their world from the one they know and love, to something dire, and too horrible to think about. Every country has a problem with them landing as they try to take over without considering the consequences. These aliens are called Pictonians, they have white bodies with strange antenna, and have settled in each country, altering the humans to look exactly like them, hence the title of the movie.

The people of the world have to take a stand and decide what to do. Yet they can’t come to a decision. They constantly fight over which leader can get the job done, proving that they are useless at negotiating. While they are still arguing, more of the world’s people are changing as well as the scenery into pure white. Once something is settled on, it is America who wants to take a stand against the Pictonians, but only Italy has a real solution. This might come as a surprise to anyone who has watched the series, as he is hell bent on a no conflict situation, but here he wants them to don some white outfits so that they can infiltrate their mother ship. The other countries laugh, but the others soon warm to his suggestion as no one else can come up with a better solution.

Needless to say what happens after this is completely crazy with Germany, Italy and the others trying to get the Pictonians to see what they are doing to their ordered way of life. The Pictonians, like the Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation only want to create their idea of perfection, so they find the human’s reasoning beyond them. Most of the fun in this is watching the characters try to welcome the aliens to their world, but, as usual it all goes horribly wrong.

The animation is clean and well drawn, while the backgrounds are detailed and blend in with the characters. It is the voice actors who make the series what it is, though, and Italy is a laugh a minute with his character flapping around, yet he is the only one who is sure of what he has to do. Germany is perfect as he is trying to dampen his brash personality, while America is still the same, as is England, as they always strive to outdo each other.

This series is recommended to anyone who wants to learn history in a fun and enjoyable way. It also has a lot of the political incorrectness about it that makes it more of a guilty pleasure than anything else.

Label: Manga Entertainment

Release date: 18th June 2012

Certificate: 12

Running time: 90 mins

Genre: Anime/Comedy

Director: Shinichiro Watanabe 

Language: Japanese/English (Dubbed)

Author Profile: 

Sandie has a keen interest in Anime, Manga and all things Japanese. Her interests other than reviewing are Japanese Language, dress and culture, liking Harajuku Girls, Gothic Lolita, folding some neat Origami, drawing her own Manga characters, writing her own Manga stories and everything in between.

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