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Edible Wildlife In Window Display At Wagashi Shop

Waterside Fireflies: The Symbol Of Beauty In Summer!

If you happen to be passing by the wagashi shop (Japanese confectionary) Minamoto Kitchoan in Piccadilly, London take a glance at the shop’s latest window display entitled “Waterside Fireflies: The Symbol of Beauty”. It’s more than just pretty plants and fireflies. What makes the piece so interesting is the fact that the whole thing is edible, aside from the fireflies’ legs; they’re metal. Although customers are not permitted to eat it, it’s a wonderful example of the skills of wagashi craftsmen.

Minamoto Kitchoan explains the concept behind the eye-candy display:

“Waterside Fireflies: The Symbol of Beauty”

Fireflies have been one of the most popular insects for centuries, emitting a pale glow from their backs during night time. Since the insect is so popular, we have music discribing fireflies in Japan. Today, we also have sweets depicting fireflies.

Our head store of Minamoto Kitchoan is located in the Ginza  district of Tokyo.  The luxurious district is in the middle of an urban area now, so fireflies are no longer found in Ginza.

We started an event of appreciating fireflies in the Ginza head store in 2004 because we want to introduce this beautiful creature to the young generation.

In London, we have prepared “Water Fireflies” made of ingredients of Japanese confectionary, such as rice powder, bean paste, and sugar. This art of sweets is made by artisans of Minamoto Kitchoan, and it represents the importance of fireflies in Japanese culture.

We hope you appreciate this symbol of beauty and enjoy our firefly creation.

Why not make a special trip to the Minamoto Kitchoan and treat yourself to some mouth-watering wagashi. The staff are always happy to advise if you can’t decide which yummy sweet to try first from their attractive selection. They also stock a selection of delicious Japanese tea – the perfect accompliment to wagashi. There are various branches around the world – check their website for a store near you.

London branch: 44 Piccadilly W1J 0DS

Otsuka Japanese Tea

Wagashi: “Ouka Shigure”

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  1. June 1, 2012 at 2:03 am

    I often see them in anime….would love to see one in real life too! So beautiful…the crafting so immaculate in this display!


    • June 1, 2012 at 1:12 pm

      The Minamoto Kitchoan in Piccadilly, London is a lovely shop that sells delicious wagashi – its window displays are always eye-catching!


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