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DVD Review: Fairy Tail Part 2

A fast-moving anime with good humour!

Fairy Tail Part 2 is the latest volume in the series and carries on the story of Lucy and Natsu who are among the rest of the magical guild. Now that we have met all the characters in the first volume, there is surprisingly enough plenty more to see in these episodes which show how the characters cope while on their missions. They never seem to run out of these or enemies either, but that is all part of the fun of watching this anime.

The previous volume saw Lucy finding her way out of a difficult situation, and meeting Natsu. This gave her the promise that if she went with him she would enter Fairy Tail, a magical guild where everything is possible, but she would have to train hard if she were to amount to anything. Throughout the episodes she manages to prove her worth to the others, and even Natsu has more respect for her trying too. She has several keys she has found before, and uses them during her battles. These battles are harsh, and against foes far more dangerous than the ones she has come up against before.

(Courtesy of Manga Entertainment)

Most wizards or mages in anime are attuned to their familiars, or devices, but Lucy, once she has summoned from her keys, has a great deal of trouble getting them to do as she asks; they even taunt her which provides some of the humour in these episodes. Aquarius always has an attitude problem, and hates being ordered around by her, while Virgo does her best to help her out – Taurus is huge and more than capable of warding off any potential threats and is the only sane one there.

For Natsu and Lisa not all of it is plain sailing as in each episode the characters get into trouble with several dangerous foes that all seem to be impressive and adept at magic. During the first episode, Natsu is seen helping out Gray who he usually clashes with in personality. Gray is the one who tends to strip off his clothes and shock everyone around him, but he doesn’t have much in the way of fun in this episode as Natsu drags him back through the gates of a citadel where Lucy is having great trouble ridding them of their invaders. Natsu and Gray have to help out too which brings out all the enemies. One arrives on a flying rat, which Lucy has to use all her strength to defeat. This is highly comical as Lucy finds herself being tickled almost to death by the huge thing.

(Courtesy of Manga Entertainment)

It is easy to tell that Fairy Tail is an anime series directed toward young children, as at the start of every episode there is a comical warning from Natsu about not sitting to close to the TV. It also has the themes that young children will enjoy, as well as the characters being a similar age group to the children watching it.

As is usual in anime of this type, the main villains are cocky and over confident about their magical abilities, and that can cause them problems of their own, in a couple of instances when Lucy or Natsu gets the better of them during a battle. Like Baka and Test, these characters can freely summon their magical warriors for fights no one can ever forget. Even though these characters are good at their magic, it does not mean that they can’t use a little help along the way. It is a fast-moving anime with good humour, and some excellent one-liners.

(Courtesy of Manga Entertainment)

Label: Manga Entertainment

Release date:  21st May 2012

Certificate: 12

Running time: 300 mins

Genre: Anime

Director: Shinji Ishihara

Stars: Aya Hirano, Tetsuya Kakihara , Hiroki Touchi

Author Profile:  

Sandie has a keen interest in Anime, Manga and all things Japanese. Her interests other than reviewing are Japanese Language, dress and culture, liking Harajuku Girls, Gothic Lolita, folding some neat Origami, drawing her own Manga characters, writing her own Manga stories and everything in between.

(Courtesy of Manga Entertainment)

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