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NEO Magazine Offers Lifetime Subscription For Biggest Fan

A chance to be a part of NEO’s 100th issue!

The search is on to find the world’s biggest NEO Magazine fan! Whether you’re the proud owner of every issue, or use the publication’s pages to add some Japan-inspired flair to the walls of your room, NEO Magazine wants to hear from you!

If the above sounds like you or someone you know, submit photographic evidence that you or they are worthy of the ‘Ultimate NEO Fan’ moniker to mail@neomag.co.uk before midnight on 10 June. The publication’s staff will then judge all the entries and deem one lucky super fan as the winner.

The winning entry will not only gain the honour and respect that comes with being part of NEO history by having their photo featured in NEO’s 100th issue,

but they will also be presented with a very special lifetime subscription to the magazine as well!

Editor of NEO Magazine, Gemma Cox, commented, “We love the enthusiasm of our readers, and we want to find the biggest NEO fan of all to bestow upon them the ultimate prize of a lifetime subscription! If you think you’re NEO’s best fan, prove it! We can’t wait to see your photos!”

“Reaching 100 issues is a dream come true for any magazine, and we owe our success entirely to our readers, for supporting us along the way!

Launching the search for NEO’s biggest fan is just one of the ways we’d like to celebrate such a long run, and say thank you all for reading and taking this journey with us.”

So get creative and be part of NEO history!

Visit http://www.neomag.co.uk for more information, or check out its Facebook page at


or Twitter account:


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