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DVD Review: Broken Blade Collection

Contains 6 feature length episodes!

Broken Blade sees us in the land of Krisna where the population is born with the ‘magic’ ability to manipulate quartz. Quartz is duly used in everything from vehicles to weapons. Krisna is on the brink of war with the Athens commonwealth and into this backdrop we have four old school friends all with their part to play, on both sides of the war.

The main characters are Rygart Arrow who was born without the ability to control Quartz, King Hodr and Queen Sigyn of Krisna and the king’s brother and Secretary of War for the Commonwealth. Rygart is summoned by the king to look at an ancient robot/golem which none of his soldiers can operate as it doesn’t work with magic.

The set up is pretty simple and you can tell which way it is going to go from the start but the added drama that is brought by the fact they are all old friends keeps us entertained. If the creators didn’t spend too much time on the story the same cannot be said about the animation as the look of BB is very impressive from the dirty, grimy, beaten up look of the fighting robots to the sprawling landscapes they fight in, it all looks like it has been carefully thought over and executed.

(Courtesy of MVM Entertainment)

Another part of BB which would explain the delays between each episode is the choreography of the battles as they feel real and important, rather than thousands of robots fighting and destroying each other the loss of one robot seems to matter more. It is also refreshing to see an animé series that deals with what is a fantasy mecha animé (or fighting robots!) and one that is done with this much care.

BB works as a straight forward animé with robots bashing robots but if you care to delve deeper the series raises a lot more issues. There is no gender biased as women and men equally populate the robot armies and the historical biased that comes from winning wars is questioned because maybe it is not just the enemy that commits all the atrocities associated with war, which is a bold statement being it is primarily released in Asia.

Overall Broken Blade is an entertaining and carefully crafted animé with a solid story and offers something for all types of animé fans.


Label: MVM

Release date: 11th June 2012

Certificate: 15

Running time: 300 mins

Genre: Anime/Fantasy

Director: Tetsurō Amino

Format: DVD & Blu-ray

Review written by Dean Hilliam

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