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Celebrated Pianist Chisato Kusunoki Will Give FREE Live Performance In London’s West End

Venue: St James’ Church Piccadilly London

When: 31st August 2012 at 1pm

Gifted pianist Chisato Kusunoki, described as one of the most talented musicians of all-time, will be giving a recital at St James’ Church Piccadilly London on 31st August at 1pm. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to see and hear the sensational German-born master artiste give an arousing live performance within the walls of such an attractive building located in the West End of London.

All donations to the church are welcome!


J.S Bach: Partita No.1 in B flat major BWV 825
1. Prelude
2. Allemande
3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Minuet 1 – Minuet 2
6. Gigue

Nikolai Medtner: Sonata Reminiscenza Op.38 No1
Valentin Silvestrov: Kistch-Musik No.3 &No. 4(1977)
Frédéric Chopin: Scherzo No.2 Op.31

Chisato Kusunoki’s performances are highly regarded for their lyrical intensity and subtle virtuosity. She draws inspiration from all the composers she has studied from Bach to the present day. Her performances are informed by an understanding of and affinity with such important composer pianists as Rachmaninoff, Godowsky and Medtner. The Times remarked on her ‘wonderfully fleet and supple fingers, quick to locate the music’s inner voices, able to dapple and perfume…she’ll be heard from; she’s got it.’

On 11th September 2012 Kusunoki will be featuring in Palermo Classica one of the most prestigious festivals in the world.

Chisato Kusunoki Offical Website www.chisatokusunoki.com

Music Review: Chisato Kusunoki “Piano”

Venue: St James’s Church Piccadilly

St James’s is an Anglican church which was designed and built by Sir Christopher Wren in the 17th century. William Blake was baptised here in 1757. The church holds regular concerts of both classical and contemporary music.

The church is situated between Piccadilly and Jermyn Street about 200 yards from Piccadilly Circus. The closest tube stations are Piccadilly Circus and Green Park.

For more information, visit the St James’s Church website.

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