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Travel & Tourism: Activity Holidays In Japan

Japan has a comprehensive and diverse range of attractions to offer!

Japan is often thought of as one of the world’s technology hubs. With activity tours, however, you can see its little-known side filled with natural, historical and cultural wonders. There is more to Japan than what you can find in its hustling and bustling cities.

Hakone and Hiroshima

Most professionally organized activity tours in Japan include a stopover in this region. Hakone not only boasts of one of the best views of Mt. Fuji, but it also has a considerable selection of relaxing and quaintly charming ryokan or traditional Japanese inns for you from which to choose. Hakone is also home to Owakudani’s famous volcanic region, with its eye-catching sulfur pools and malodorous gases that are allegedly beneficial for one’s health.

Owakudani – Hakone (©Odakyu Electric Railway ©JNTO)

If you recall enough of your history lessons on World War II, then you may have recognized Hiroshima as one of the two cities that have been hit by an atomic bomb. In Hiroshima, you will find historical attractions such as the A-Bomb Dome and the Memorial Peace Park, which pay tribute to war victims of the past. Hiroshima is also home to Hikone, the oldest castle in Japan that has still miraculously maintained its original construction.

The A-Bomb Dome (© JNTO)

Osaka and Kyoto

Activity holidays are not always about outdoor daredevil adventures. Sometimes, they are all about leisurely explorations meant to strengthen the ties between families or friends. Certainly, you and your loved ones will have more fun discovering together the sights and wonders Osaka has to offer. Osaka is commonly known as Japan’s food capital, but its eclectic mix of traditional Japanese dishes and cuisines from all over the world is not its only attraction. In Osaka, you will also get to visit the Kongobuji Temple, enjoy your fair share of parks and perhaps have a bit of theme park fun in Universal Studios Japan and Kaiyukan, which is the largest aquarium in the world.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (© JNTO)

There is no better place to visit than the imperial city of Kyoto if you want more than a glimpse of how powerful the Japanese empire was in previous centuries. In Kyoto, you will also see how much influence temples of old used to wield over the country. Among Kyoto’s famous religious attractions include the Heian Shrine, Kinkaku-ji and the Kiyomizu Temple. The Kinkaku-ji, which translates to the Golden Temple, is best known for being covered almost completely in gold foil, while the Kiyomizu Temple occupies an important role in Japan’s Buddhist history. Meanwhile, there is also Mt. Koya, which is renowned not only for its splendid natural landscapes, but also for being home to Koya-San. Esoteric Buddhism’s Shingon School is headquartered in the area.

Kiyomizu Temple Kyoto © Y.Shimizu © JNTO


This city is considered as one of the top vacation spots for locals. It is the perfect place to have idyllic beach escapades coupled with aquatic adventures such as snorkeling and scuba diving. In this area, you can also enjoy watching bullfighting and dragonboat races, go on a hiking trip to Hiji Falls and celebrate the Nago Cherry Blossom Festival if you happen to be at Okinawa in late January.

Scuba Diving in Okinawa (©Mike Jimenez & Piranha Divers Okinawa ©JNTO)

Japan has many other regions that are worth exploring. Although it is a tiny country compared to the likes of Australia and the United States, Japan simply has such a comprehensive and diverse range of attractions to offer that you will never lack new reasons for coming back. Other cities well worth visiting on your next holiday include Matsuyama, Fukuoka and Shibuya.

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