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DVD Review: Fairy Tail part 4 (Episodes 37 – 48)

Seventeen year old Lucy wants to become a mage!

In Fairy Tail Part 4, the characters are in a lot of trouble as Jellal Fernandez is under the influence of Ultear Milkovich. His evil plan is to bring back the dark wizard Zeref using the Tower of Heaven. It doesn’t help that Jellal is Erza Scarlet’s old friend from back in her childhood and she can see how much he has changed over the years.

This two disc set concerns the characters in the Fairy Tail Guild and others who are the main enemies who choose to stay outside the guild and destroy what they have. One of these destructive types is the Black Wizard who seeks to control everyone in the world, but there are those who will stand up and fight for what they believe in. One of these characters is Lucy Heartfilia and she is shocked at seeing the change in Juvia, but soon realizes that Skeletoy is controlling her and has turned her into a succubus slave who will only obey him. She is normally such a caring person who would not do half of the things she does under his power. There is a lot of friendship between them, and Lucy has to try and get her to snap out of Skeletoy’s spell so she can realize she has always wanted to join Fairy Tail, and there are folk there who will accept her for who she is. Lucy has to get her to understand that, though and with Skeletoy’s power growing when he plays the riffs on his guitar, she will have a hard time winning her over as she switches between her normal personality and Skeletoy’s.

(Courtesy of Manga Entertainment)

Though this is the situation, Lucy and she have been friends, and it will take a lot to truly break up a friendship like theirs, so Lucy has to find a way to break the spell. The true comedy in this is when Lucy has to use one of her keys, and summon it to help her out. As we have discovered over the past few series, Aquarius isn’t at all responsive to Lucy, and doesn’t like being summoned for what she believes are trivial matters, but her bad attitude aside, she could be useful in snapping her friend out of the spell.

(Courtesy of Manga Entertainment)

While Lucy is fighting her heart out, Gray Fullbuster has his own to win, but Natsu Dragneel doesn’t like the fact he won against an enemy he originally lost to, demanding a rematch. Natsu’s emotions range from calm to insane, he has a tendency to ramble, and goes into fits of rage if he doesn’t get what he wants, or doesn’t win a fight. Lucy, Gray and the others are afraid that Natsu and Ursa might not be able to get away from the island as they are still fighting, so they feel they are obliged to take down the enemies.

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Ursa has to fight Jellal and needs to defeat him as he plans to destroy everyone in order to realise his dream of bringing back Zeref, and with his personality changing from the cute kid she once knew, she feels her words are lost on him and the only thing she can do is defeat him and save her friends from imminent destruction. She has her own memories of him from when they were kids, and this prevents her from throwing her best moves at him. she has to realise she is doing this for her friends and the good of the people around her rather than only saving her old friend from his own destructive self. Jellal proves he is a skilful manipulator who will use her emotions against her, and those feelings she still has for him. One of his former underlings, Simon still thinks she won’t be able to beat Jellal in his current state as he is too powerful. Even though she is a strong fighter, she may not be able to defeat him, and there is another problem, they have only ten minutes before the council have the place blasted into smithereens. Jellal, it seems is actually two aliases for one person, as the bad he is Jellal, as the good he is the former council member, Seagrain, and Erza longs to see the time when he could come back as Seagrain, yet, as he is the great deceiver in this series, she hasn’t any hope of seeing that, as his true self is completely evil and unrepentant. There is another who might be able to go up against Jellal, but he has only a few minutes before the place is destroyed, the tower is in pieces and the island levelled.

Jellal is a great bad guy character; full of self confidence, cruelty and also humour that never gets in the way of a good fight.

(Courtesy of Manga Entertainment)


Label: Manga Entertainment

Release date: 17th September, 2012

Certificate: PG

Running time: 300 mins

Genre: Anime

Director: Shinji Ishihira

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