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DVD Review: Strike Witches Complete Series 2 Collection

A group of flying aces called STRIKE WITCHES lead the battle to regain control of Earth!

During 1944 in Europe a peculiar alien race called the Neuroi made itself known to the humans. For the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, going up against the Neuroi was a walk in the park as they saved Galia from the threat of impending death and destruction. The all-girl pilots however still have to face their enemy again later. The setting is of a different world, set in the same time as World War II where it is the Strike Witches who are protecting Earth from these invasions where the Neuroi take the place of the Germans as the antagonists.

This is the general plot for the series, but once the introduction has passed, it is interesting to see what the series is really about. It’s an all-girl fighter pilot squad, so it’s in the realm of shonen, boy’s interest, and the men are always trying to get with the girls when they aren’t in the air fighting the enemy. When the pilots go into battle, they have normal uniforms on, but their legs are fitted with propeller engines so they can fly around, this is also where most Strike Witches can use their magic to fight their enemies. The sight of them up there can seem a little unusual but it does take a short time to get used to. As they are flying around, they show their panties from every conceivable angle, and when they aren’t engaged in combat, they wear Sailor Moon tops and blue panties, so it’s the perfect fan service for the boys!

Each pilot has special witch powers as Strike Witches, and there are 11 witches in the fighter wing, and some have healing powers. Michiko and Yoshika have one last bit of time together before they go their separate ways to make a life for themselves as it won’t be long before they are adults. Grandpa drives them back to the base one last time and on the way, they come across an injured bear cub with out its mother. Michiko is intent on training to become a nurse, while Yoshika wants to train as a teacher, though Yoshika has to overcome a lot of obstacles to do so. She gets another letter from her father delivered in an unusual way from another witch. After her last mission, Yoshika was told she was not needed anymore, and is of no use to the strike witches, and she feels the pain of not being able to fight with her comrades.

When the strike witches thought the battle would be over, a new Neuroi threat begun, and from the reports their base have got through, they are back bigger and fiercer than before. The Neuroi are annoyed and have come back to cause more havoc than they did the last time, so the Strike Witches can’t go underestimating them. This means they have to improve their aim if they are to beat them, and this also means more fan service for the viewers. The real problem comes when they are fighting them, as they discover that once their aircraft have been shot down, they can also regenerate.

Squadron Leader Mio shouldn’t underestimate the members of her squad either, not even Yoshika who she has dismissed as being too soft before. When times are tough in the air, she will be around to help her out and she won’t regret it either, especially when there are no other reinforcements around for a while. Yoshika shows her true fighting expertise against the Neuroi, with her shield being one of the biggest around. Viewers will notice that she is trying to seriously impress her superiors.

This series isn’t all about the effects war  has on countries or people in an alternate world, there is room for some comedy too with one episode showing how the Strike Witches are getting too hot to wear their usual combat outfits, with Charlotte donning her lingerie. The other Strike Witches don’t look any better as they are wearing as little as possible too. So it isn’t all war, fighting and arguing among the ranks, it’s also an anime that is about having fun, and enjoying life even if it is without pants. There is a lot to enjoy with this series. Every character has a story to tell, and there can be either despair or joy within it.


Label: Manga Entertainment

Release date: 24th September, 2012


Running time: 300 min

Genre: 15

Director: Kazuhiro Takamura

Author Profile:

Sandie has a keen interest in Anime, Manga and all things Japanese. Her interests other than reviewing are Japanese Language, dress and culture, liking Harajuku Girls, Gothic Lolita, folding some neat Origami, drawing her own Manga characters, writing her own Manga stories and everything in between.

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