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DVD Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Complete Series One

3 discs, 12 magical episodes, uncut and waiting to blow your mind!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Blu-rayFive high school girls get approached by a fox type spirit/mascot who offers to make them magical girls – as a form of incentive, they get one wish. All they have to do is search and destroy dangerous witches who threaten their existence. Being a magical girl isn’t a walk in the park though, there is more to it than even they realise, but each one has a special power they can use as a result of the wish granted to them. They all have problems with being magical girls, but have to get through the difficulties of forming relationships, love, betrayal and everything in between.

The main character is Madoka who has an unusual dream that she is in a peculiar place where she observes a fight between a girl and some pretty crazy entities. She soon finds she can confer with the creature the girl is fighting who tells her she can be a great person if she makes a pact with him. When she comes out of the dream, she also notices she is pulled into another dream state, but this time its real, and just like the one in her dream, she has to fight witches.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica pic 1

What makes this different from the usual magical girl series are the characters, they aren’t the standard ones many would expect. The girls have very obvious floors in their characters, very real emotions of envy, spite and cruelty, and to be honest, this isn’t the sort of anime made with children in mind. It isn’t DNAngel or Negima, it’s not supposed to be cute at all. Instead, it is aimed at older teens and shows action where it isn’t expected. Many would expect the girls to use magical powers to sort out their foes, but instead they use very real weapons to annihilate them completely.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica pic 2

For the girls, mainly Madoka they find it almost impossible to be able to fight at first as they have been brought up to be cute kids. They don’t have the muscles or the strength needed to be able to fight like guys in a strange and complex world. It is kind of a mickey take on all the magical girl anime out there at the moment. All the girls have a cute look to them, wear nice outfits, and the mascot looks suitably strange, as is in most magical girl series, with red eyes and rings around his floppy ears. When it comes to the fighting, they don’t hold back, whether it is hacking the tentacles off of an enemy or gunning them down, they don’t act cute when they execute their moves. They do however enjoy changing outfits when they fight, but that just makes them meaner.

The series is easy to follow even though it is outrageous, and the episodes don’t drag on too long so that boredom can surface. Each episode is fun and arranged in such a way that the cliff-hangers encourage the viewer to watch each one.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica pic 3


Label: Manga Entertainment

Release date: 29th October, 2012

Certificate: 15

Running time: 300 mins

Genre: Anime

Director: Yukihiro Miyamoto

Author Profile: 

Sandie has a keen interest in Anime, Manga and all things Japanese. Her interests other than reviewing are Japanese Language, dress and culture, liking Harajuku Girls, Gothic Lolita, folding some neat Origami, drawing her own Manga characters, writing her own Manga stories and everything in between.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Collection

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