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Art Exhibition: Seijiro Niwa “The Way Of Mending Holes” ICN Gallery London

Artist Talk  “Frame and picture story”: May 4 14:00 – 15:30

ICN GalleryICN gallery proudly presents “the way of mending holes” by artist Seijiro Niwa from May 2 – 25 2013.  

NIwa has been consistently producing photos and 3D works under the theme of picture boundary and human eyesight’s end. The exhibition will feature his latest 2D and 3D works. 

I should be in my world but I am not in the world that I see. Do I exist as the missing part of this world that I see, or as some extra part? 

In order to make the world that I see a beautiful and perfect one, I must stop seeing. In front of my eyes that stopped seeing the world, a beautiful and unsubstantial world must be spreading out, too. Seijiro Niwa 

“the way of mending holes” by artist Seijiro Niwa

Artist Profile:

Seijiro Niwa was born in Nagoya city in 1967. He has a post-graduate degree from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. He is currently a professor at Aichi Gakusen University. 

Artist Statement

Listen to the voice of two hands clapping. (Hakuin Ekaku, Monk in Edo Era) Two hands clap and there is sound. What sound does one hand make? 

Scheduled Events: 

Artist Talk “Frame and picture story” : 4 May from 14:00 – 15:30 

Frames that surround pictures. They tend to be let by as natural items at art viewings, but if you watch them carefully, you notice that they are very interesting. Here, picture frames’ making process and their design evolution afterwards are deciphered from the relationship with the space presentation of the picture inside and the place where it is displayed, also about his latest works. 

For further information please contact ICN gallery: 

Hiromi Asakawa, Gallery Staff 

info@icn-global.com or 020 7729 7977 

ICN gallery 

96-98 Leonard Street

EC2A 4RH London

020 7729 7977



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