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Japan Promotes Its Events Industry In Thailand

Japan aims to revive it’s economy through hosting Asian and International events!

Japan Events in BangkokSingapore, 12 August 2013 – Japanese MICE exhibitors are returning to IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific with the largest delegation from the country since 2010.

Comprising of Convention Visitors Bureaus (CVBs), Destination Management Companies (DMCs), corporate companies and hospitality chains, the Japan cluster includes Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau, Sapporo Convention Bureau, DMC Sapporo Co. Ltd, Pripress Center and Fujita Kanko Hotels and Resorts.

All are new to the event with the exception of Sapporo Convention Bureau that last exhibited 3 years ago. Factors such as motivation to further promote its MICE sector thanks to a falling yen currency and recovery from the aftermath from past catastrophes, have spurred optimism in the Japanese market with MICE players eager to reach out to both regional and international buyers.

Sapporo Convention Bureau Team Members

Sapporo Convention Bureau Team Members. Some of them will be
pro-active in the forthcoming IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2013 in
Bangkok, trying to get business back in Japan.

Many are also taking advantage of the specified “Thai Year” initiative to promote various projects and events taking place between Japan and Thailand. One such thrust is the recent visa waiver regulation that allows Thai visitors to visit Japan without a visa, thereby boosting tourism opportunities between both countries.  Capitalising on the visa waiver regulation, Thai Airways International is increasing accessibility from Japan, with recently launched special fares and new flights to Sapporo. The carrier is also looking at the possibility of serving Hiroshima and Sendai.

Said returning exhibitor Marico Ogi, Deputy Director of Sapporo Convention Bureau – who will be attending IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2013 for the 9th time, “With Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) as our new MICE partner, we are pleased to launch joint promotion efforts and announce exciting business opportunities for buyers all over the world. IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific presents a vital opportunity for us to experience and engage potential buyers through the event’s official and social programs.”

Japan events

Yukitsugu Ishikawa, Chief Representative, Singapore Representative Office of Fujita Kanko Hotels & Resorts also expressed confident sentiments in the show. “Participating in IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific is our chance to be competitive alongside other MICE hospitality chains in the World. It is also an ideal platform to learn about the needs of the MICE market, not just within Asia but also in America and Europe

According to ICCA’s 2012 annual survey of global association meetings, Japan hosted 341 qualifying meetings, retaining its position as one of the world’s leading international association meeting destinations, and the leading destination in the Asia Pacific.

Not only did Japan score high in the country rankings, its cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Kobe were also in the top 100 cities for association meeting destinations. This resonates with a recent survey done with IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2013 buyers, where 12% of buyers indicated they are looking at Japan as their choice destination. This represents a 3% increase as compared to the year before.

“Japan has been showing strong signs of revival having made its way into the 8th spot on ICCA’s global association meeting destinations 2012 ranking. We are confident that more local and international buyers will pick Japan as their choice destination.” said Ooi Peng Ee, General Manager of TTG Events, a business group of TTG Asia Media.

DMC Team Members

Independent destination managers who will arrange everything, if you
want to organise an event or a business trip in Japan.

In addition, well-thought out MICE programmes will certainly give buyers reason to put their money on Japan. “Our ‘MICE in the Green’ concept supports small to big groups with an environmentally friendly agenda, amid fine Japanese hospitality. Customers can look forward to various MICE programmes in over 50 leisure facilities all across Japan – including our 3 gardens, Washington Hotels chain, hot springs facilities, hot spring theme park Yunessun and many more.” said Ishikawa of Fujita Kanko Hotels & Resorts’ offerings.

Ryoji Maeshima, Senior Deputy Director, MICE/Business Events of Fukuoka Convention and Visitors Bureau added, “Fukuoka is Japan’s second international business events destination. Coupled with easy access from most major Asian cities through direct flights, Fukuoka is the ideal balance of nature and urbanism. It is the perfect choice for successful and unforgettable business events.”

Fukuoka CVB MICE team

From the Convention Bureau of Fukuoka who should be able to answer all
your questions regarding organising events in that area during IT&CMA
and CTW Asia-Pacific 2013 in Bangkok.

Author Profile:

Rakesh K. Mathur is one of the few London-based Asian journalists who specialise in covering arts and business related events and festivals. As a long-serving member of the management committees of the Foreign Press Association, Arts Council of Great Britain, Westminster Race Relations Society and now Foundation of diaglogue on Indo-European affairs, he has an in-depth knowledge of this subject. He is in an enviable position to report on MICE related stories in the multi-cultural societies. Rakesh K. Mathur broadcast weekly on the Resonancefm, the arts radio station of London. He has also contributed for Paris match, L’Express, Evening Standard, Independent, BBC, Channel 4 etc.


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