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J-Economy: Top Tech Jobs In Japan

A short guide for technoheads looking for the right career!

hiragana keyboardIt’s a huge job market out there. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, Japan is a great place to start. If you have a gift for the technical, and in some cases are geeky when it comes to gadgets and the latest software, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in Japan.

More job seekers are willing to try new adventures. A change of scenery will make you a better-rounded individual, and your resume will certainly stand out if you’ve successfully worked in Japan. Think of it as the ultimate way to diversify your background.

Additionally, this type of experience is simply priceless. Thankfully, the positions offered are not. You can make a very comfortable living working on your computer, whether it’s in the office or through online telecommuting. More options exist today than ever before.

Here are five high-paying Japanese tech jobs you should consider:

1. Animator (400,000 JPY)

anime pic

Photo credit: Danny Choo via photopin cc

If you have a way with bringing characters to life with your art, a job as an animator might be a good fit. Most positions start at 400,000 JPY (Japanese Yen), which isn’t bad at all. Animation’s pretty broad, so if you’re looking to flex your skills in advertising, graphic design, feature films or event management, it’s a great place to bridge the creative with your technical computer skills. Who knows? You might even get the chance to create the next big Anime film series for a mega anime company like Funimation or Gonzo. 

2. Market Research Analyst (245,600 JPY)

A market research analyst is skilled at looking at the current market and finding ways to turn those projections into money. If you have the ability to observe and accurately read trends, a market research analyst job might be great. It may not be as sexy as the “Mad Men” ‘60s era, but market research is an essential position that many companies are eager to fill. If you have a love of research and don’t mind crunching numbers, statistics and spending a great deal of time referencing and cross referencing, you’ll be right at home.

3. SEO Professional/Web Search Evaluators (200,000 JPY)

hiragana keyboard

Photo credit: Alex Boamfa via photopin cc

Web search evaluators work on interesting projects that are geared to improve search-engine results for their company. The work generally includes reviewing and evaluating Internet search results based on specific search terms and providing a rating. The evaluation work is typically done using online automated tools.

With the high-tech nature of the Japanese market, any skilled SEO professional or Web-search evaluator stands a decent chance of making big bucks (or yen in this case). SEO Valley, a U.S.-based SEO company, boasts a high ranking among clients and other SEO companies alike. If you speak Japanese and can find an equivalent company in Japan, it’s definitely worth a look.

4. Lead Software Engineer (300,000 JPY)

The lead software engineer has something of a team leadership role in that they are responsible for innovating in the realm of mobile technology. A familiarity with the popular iOS and Android platforms, as well as Linux and Tizen, is a requirement. You’ll also need an ability to analyze and resolve any software issues that might arise. A minimum of three years of senior staff, team leadership and supervision experience is preferred. This is a great career choice for natural leaders with a deft touch at teamwork and a gift for pushing technology into the future.

5. Senior Software Engineer (677,000 JPY)


Photo credit: Anthony Baker via photopin cc

A senior software engineer is responsible for working with a team to provide help to mobile customers. In some cases, you’ll also be required to create speech-recognition applications. Be versatile with iOS, Linux, Android and Tizen. Additionally, skill with embedded recognition, server recognition, TV optimized, car optimized, Voice Biometrics and other technology is definitely a plus.

Now that you know 5 of the top tech jobs in Japan, you can start honing your skills and start planning your move to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Photo credit: Danny Choo via photopin cc

Photo credit: Alex Boamfa via photopin cc

Photo credit: Anthony Baker via photopin cc

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