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DVD Review: Hakuoki: Demon of the Floating Blossom OVA Collection

“A Memory of Snow Flowers”

Hakuoki OVA Collection coverWith a series 1 and 2 collection, there is a prequel and now an OVA to enjoy for those who are fans of bishonen series where the men have handsome, sometimes beautiful facial features, long hair and flamboyant manner. This OVA starts in December 1866 before the 1868 – 69 Boshin War and focuses first on the enemy who wanted to infiltrate and take down the Shinsengumi headquarters, hoping to make a name for themselves.

The OVA is made up of six episodes that are about each of the Shinsengumi characters. Souji is his usual comical self, but this time he has a problem he can’t fathom and the second has Chizuru going undercover as a geisha to find out more information on their enemy and what else they plan to do and when. In the village there are several Ronin who are without a master and want to fight those who already have social standing. The first episode introduces the main characters to those viewers who might not be familiar with the series, so the OVA has the chance to grip their attention, and maybe capture their imagination enough to want to watch the original series. The rest of the episodes have a comical and tragic element in them, but the comic tends to override the darkness of their existence. When Chizuru goes undercover she has a complete makeover from the other geishas and one member wishes he was dating her, while other enemies she tries to find out about are busy getting drunk and trying to seduce her.

Hakuoki OVA Collection cover

The blossom in the title could refer to the cherries which are associated with the samurai as their existence is fleeting. The cherry is symbolic of the flesh of the samurai that could be cut to ribbons, or fatally harmed. The blossom is thought of as equally fleeting. They could be alive one minute, and dead the next when they are on the battlefield faced with their powerful enemy.

A lot of time is spent having fun, looking at the snow fall, making snow bunnies with the occasional brawl thrown in for good measure. Saito is a very serious man who is a good friend to Chizuru, and it could be said he can’t always express how much of a good friend he wants to be with her. Chizuru is a shy but at times annoyed with the other guys. She has her eye on a certain man, but there are a few men in the Shinsengumi headquarters who would like to date her even though she is oblivious to their affections. Souji seems to be the main character with his witty remarks and opinions about other members. He always has something interesting to say, and it’s usually funny.

Label: MVM Entertainment

Release date: 05/05/2014

Certificate: 15

Running time:

Genre: Anime/Action

Hakuoki OVA Collection

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