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DVD Review: Chrome Shelled Regios Collection 1

The world of tomorrow is an arid wasteland!

Chrome Shelled Part 1In the future we wonder what might happen if we become invaded by beings who want to ravage the world we try to live in, and Chrome Shelled Regios is one of many from anime history. The characters drive the story, and there are a good few that the viewer might care about, but others they may not as their personalities haven’t been fleshed out enough. It tells the story of several survivors of a future earth that has suffered the effects of living  with mutated beasts called Filth Monsters, (in the anime it translates as Contaminoids) and we see the story through the eyes of these survivors who have had to readjust to living in mobile cities known as Regios, and learn how to defend themselves as best they can.

Originally written by Shusuke Amagi with illustrations provided by miyuu, Chrome Shelled Regios was first published in Dragon Magazine and novelised by Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. The manga itself was rather colourful and came with mixed praise, just as this anime has. In this part of the series, one of the characters, Layfon has left and it is left up to Leerin to ask her superiors whether he will be able to come back. Her superiors know from her show of concern that she sees him as an important man in her life, and she is not surprised at his leaving. Leerin discovers he could in fact return, but it would take some time. The problem lies with whether he would want to come back. As Saiharden like them tend to leave the city. Ryuho Gaju would have been named as the successor to the descendants of the Saiharden, but when it is announced that he has died at the hands of the Contaminoids, Ryuho had reacted to them and the medics could not get rid of the Contaminoids left inside him.

Chrome Shelled Part 1

There are a few explanations about the series and the characters, the Fallen Ones have been sighted at the city away from the Salinban Mercenary Group Headquarters. There is an explanation for why they exist, and that is due to their being the result of the power spawned from wrecked cities. The powers the platoon’s men have as well as their chosen weapons are of some importance too. These weapons are known as DITE and they use their Kei power to create and use them. Once their weapons are broken, they have to use their own power to rebuild them or get a new weapon, in this case mostly swords. In the past, Layfon had been recruited for the 17th Platoon but later wanted to leave that platoon and make a new life for himself without war. Fon Fon is a lively member of the platoon, if a little nervous when he is around members of the opposite sex. He gets flustered and the girls seem to like him that way even though they try to get him to open up. There is a strange aspect to this series, in that the first series went to great lengths to tell about the Contaminoids and their threat to their society, and the fact that they would be continually fighting them. In this series, they are instead fighting each other as different platoons in a dangerous contest for superiority and this means that friends have to fight each other to the death if need be, which can be seen as futile to their original cause. Every episode concentrates on each platoon and their characters, showing the anguish they face at having to fight for their superiors who, depending on the platoon can be cruel, almost evil toward their subordinates.

Just as Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians is a shonen anime, this one is a mixture of shonen and shojo as its characters follow the bishonen look favoured by those who have watched series like Trinity Blood. There is even a character in this that looks suspiciously like Abel Nightroad and also a Fullmetal Alchemist look to the characters, with influences from both shonen and shojo features for both male and female characters, proving that big eyes, feminine features and long hair aren’t only reserved for the girls.

Label: MVM Entertainment

Release date: 21 April 2014

Certificate: 15

Running time:  300 minutes

Genre: Anime/Science Fiction


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