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Yamaha Motor Presents “Master of Torque” — An Original Short Anime Series

A fully subtitled 4-part series with a global audience in mind!

Master of Torque Yamaha Motor has released the fourth and final episode of its original short anime series, “Master of Torque.” This project represents a new endeavor by Yamaha to communicate the motorcycling lifestyle through a story set in a semi-fictional Tokyo, Japan. All four episodes can be viewed on the official YouTube channel and the anime’s special site.

An anime from a motorcycle manufacturer?

Yamaha Motor is always working to find original and interesting ways to communicate not only the features of its products but also the fulfilling lifestyles they can bring to the people that use them.

Anime is a form of Japanese culture that has become popular all around the world, and many Japanese manufacturers and companies use it as a corporate communication medium with TV commercials and the like. The reason Yamaha Motor has decided to produce an anime is same, but the company is taking on a new challenge by making it an episodic, fully subtitled series with a global audience in mind.

Yamaha has also made synergy with its products a priority. The recently released “MT-09” and “MT-07” motorcycle models opened a new chapter in Yamaha motorcycle history and also presented an opportunity to send a unique message with a Japanese twist about what it is like to enjoy life with a motorcycle.

Master of Torque

Getting the Word Out

The teaser trailer for  Master of Torque

At the end of 2013, Yamaha Motor began its first foray into the field with the teaser trailer for Master of Torque shown at the Tokyo Motor Show. In the spring of 2014, the first episodes of Master of Torque were released online as Yamaha Motor’s first-ever anime series, seeking to convey to riders and non-riders alike the fun that lies in owning and riding a motorcycle by taking viewers through animated versions of some of Tokyo’s most iconic districts and through the anime’s story, characters and Japan-centric themes.

Together with the wealth of related content being uploaded to the special site, Yamaha has worked to reach viewers online as well as out on the streets. The anime caught the attention of numerous visitors to Shibuya’s famous scramble crossing as a 30-second commercial spot was played on one of its giant screens.

Episode 4: http://global.yamaha-motor.com/showroom/mt/
Episodes 1–3: http://global.yamaha-motor.com/showroom/mt/videos/

Master of Torque

Setting and Story Summary

It is Tokyo, Japan in the year 2017, just three years before the city’s hosting of the Olympic Games.

Throughout the city, the Shutoko metropolitan highway system is being dismantled and renovated, and new areas and facilities are being constructed, all at a feverish pace.

Its headquarters located in Tokyo’s Gaien-mae district, the Hyuga Corporation is a massive firm that has succeeded in pioneering the practical use of artificial muscle fibers. The company is growing rapidly as it launches numerous products that supplement human physical functions.

Dan Amo works in the General Affairs department of Hyuga Corp. while living with his aunt, Sanae. By day, he is a nondescript salaryman, but at night, he relishes the sense of fulfillment he gets from riding his motorcycle housed at Sanae’s Genesis Café in the nearby Aoyama district. His natural-born riding talent and instincts mean hopeful pursuers only ever see the back of his motorcycle, and has won him the nickname of “Zebra” among the riders of Route 246.

Master of Torque

However, Dan appears to be the target of a mysterious group of riders…who are in turn the target of motorcycle-riding freelance journalist, Makina Mikage. Then another rider appears on the scene in Kotaro Hyuga, the heir to the Hyuga Corp. presidency.

The threads of an unescapable fate begin to draw these three young riders together…

Please enjoy the final episode of Master of Torque and be sure to visit the special site for extra anime content and trivia about Tokyo and Japanese culture.

Yamaha Motor reaches out to consumers worldwide with innovative concepts, superior technologies and dynamic designs. With its revolutionary new TRICITY, Yamaha has combined a feeling of stability and sporty handling for a whole new kind of personal-motoring enjoyment. Embodying the design concept “Smart for All,” the TRICITY will create an all-new world of riders, as well as a new market for personal mobility.

Master of Torque

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