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Marimo Magic – Little Green Fabulousness

If you take good care of your Marimo, it will make your wishes come true! Morimo - Love MossWe all know that Japan has a love for strange and wonderful things we would usually never get to see in the West. But did you ever hear about Marimos? A Marimo, Aegagropila linnaei or 毬藻, is an algae (moss) that has the shape of a ball. They are native to lakes in Iceland, Scotland, Estonia, Australia and, of course, Japan. There, they are to be found in the lake Akan-ko in Hokkaido. The people who live around the lake call the Marimos ‘Torasanpe’ which means ‘lake monster/goblin’ and they hold an annual Marimo festival from October the 8th – 10th. The wee green mossy balls have been a protected species in Japan since the early 1920s, due to increasing pollution to their habitats.


Marimo moss ball

On Hokkaido they also have their very own mascot called Marimokkori. Mokkori means ‘bulge’…but can you guess what this ‘bulge‘ refers to?! And if you ever have the chance to visit Hokkaido you will find this happy looking chap in lots of different forms, such as key-chains, pens, coffee cups, bags, t-shirts and even candy. It is the perfect Japanese gift for your friends back home, both cute and utterly confusing!


Hokkaido’s Marimo mascot, Marimokkori. Mokkori

Marimos themselves are also very popular souvenirs. Japanese people keep them as ‘pets’ in their homes because they are very easy to care for. It is said that if you take good care of your Marimo, it will make your wishes come true. It has certainly worked for the Marimo souvenir industry! Travelling all the way to Hokkaido is, of course, something we’d all love to do, and the opportunity to pick up your very own Marimo is one not to be missed. But it’s not something many of us can manage (at least not more than once in a lifetime). Luckily you don’t need to travel to Japan to get your own little Marimo. You can get one from a good aquatic shop (if they don’t know what the word Marimo means, ask for ‘moss balls’) or if you’d prefer something more decorative for yourself, or as a perfect (and unique) present for friends and family, you can buy a complete ‘Marimo Home’ online from shops such as Love Moss: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LoveMoss Morimo So…you’ve bought yourself a Marimo…huzzah! Isn’t he/she a cute little blighter? Taking care of your Marimo is amazingly easy. All you need is a well-lit place (not too bright…avoid direct sunlight) and some fresh water (from the tap, or Brita filtered if you prefer). That’s it! Really, Marimo’s are the easiest pet to keep, ever!

A quick reminder…since they grow on the bottom of lakes, Marimos don’t like direct sunlight. You can tell if they are getting too much light if their dark green colour changes to a lighter tone. Move your Marimo to a darker location for a week and you should see it changing back to a nice, dark green again. Happy Marimos all round.

Another thing you should know…Marimos don’t like warm temperatures. Anything over 25ºc is too hot for them, so don’t place them too near a radiator or other heat source (cooker, computer, etc…). You can put the glass with your Marimo in the fridge if your home gets too warm over summer. Just make sure that the Marimo doesn’t get any frost, or ice up!

Finally, Marimos can happily co-exist with other fresh water aquatic life, but only if you keep your Marimo in a full-sized aquarium. Don’t try to put fish or other aquatic life in the small glass jars you find many decorative Marimos sold in. Keep those for your Marimo only… it’s his/her home, no squatters required!

So if you want to enhance your desk at work, or add a little green fabulousness to your home, or give a truly unique gift to a friend or family member, why not invest in a marvellous Marimo… green mossy-ball magic all the way from Japan.

Order your very own Marimo from Love Moss using the code DIVERSEJAPAN at the checkout and get FREE shipping (UK residents only).

Author Profile: Tanja Glittenberg was born in Germany and moved to the UK in 2010 where she now works as an Audio Editor for Ladbroke Audio Ltd. (http://www.ladbrokeaudio.com/) and helps producing audiobooks for Spokenworld Audio (http://www.spokenworldaudio.com/ ). From childhood she was fascinated with the Japanese Culture, especially martial arts like Karate, Kobudo and later on Iaido. Tanja is a Japananphile through and through and loves all the weird and wonderful things that make Japan so unique. Her hobbies are drawing, gardening, Marimos, archery, photography and martial arts.

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  1. February 17, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    I’d not heard of Marimo before and they’re really cute, never imagined moss could be like a pet but this is truly wonderful, thank you so much for sharing~♡.

    Liked by 2 people

    • February 17, 2015 at 4:49 pm

      Yes, something a little different 🙂 Caring for them kind of reminds me of the care instructions for looking after a Gremlin. Who knows what will happen if they are not properly looked after Lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. February 25, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    Well….just don’t expose them to any moonlight….I….erm…..well….I have warned you! 😉


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