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No Cars Announce Date For Third Album Launch Party London

PRESS RELEASE – “Yoko Goes To Bollywood”

No Cars are 3 girls and a raccoon!

No Cars promo croppedDate: Friday 4th December 2015
Venue: Paper Dress Vintage Bar & Boutique, London
Doors: 7.30pm / Support acts: 7.45pm / NO CARS: 9.45pm
Address: 352A Mare Street, E8 1HR
Nearest station: Hackney Central (Overground Zone 2)

Audience members are asked to dress up in the theme of India or Bollywood to participate in the celebration. Support acts include Bollywood dancers, Fish Police, taiko drummers and a DJ.

Along the Silk Road on the way to India, a war has broken out between Japanese curry and Indian curry. Who is going to resolve the conflict? Meanwhile, Tipp-ex is suffering from low mood because sellotape is winning Japanese girls’ hearts. Who can cheer it up? Hmmmm… something is smelling nice… Ah! That triangle delight! Who cares what’s happening around us? Whatever. All I want is samosa.

“The tune ‘Curry’ keeps sneaking into my head…” Henry Readhead, recording engineer of the new album

This is the third album of NO CARS’, and the first with the current members. The album consists of 9 tunes. The 4 artists travelled to Suffolk to record at the well-known democratic school, Summerhill School. The environment was perfect for optimizing their creativity, and NO CARS continued their inventiveness back in London where they recorded the ‘radio shows’ to be inserted between the tunes.

The album gives people lots of smiles, and one can’t resist laughing, thinking ‘they are bonkers’. The artwork was done by a Leeds based designer, Geraldine R. Montgomene, whose works are familiar among NO CARS audience from the band t-shirts and bags. All in all, it’s guaranteed to exceed the fans’ expectations. The CD and cassette tape versions are launched simultaneously.

No Cars photo

No Cars – 3 girls and a raccoon

Who are NO CARS?
NO CARS is a Japanese pop band formed and based in Hackney, London UK. The band consists of four Japanese girls (allegedly 17 years old, including a racoon), performing original songs mainly written by the guitarist/vocalist, Haruna Komatsu, since 2007. The themes of the songs include: TfL (Northern Line, 308), Filter Coffee, Tipp-ex, and Where is David Bowie?. NO CARS’ gigs involve theatrical elements. ‘No car (nouka)’ means ‘farmers’ in Japanese. NO CARS is pursuing to be the first pop idol band who farms during the day and plays music in the evening. This will come true next year.

A mixture of rock, garage, gipsy, swing, jazz, calypso, punk, Punjabi… etc. with a Japanese pop twist.

“No CARS has a great combination of good songs, really strong musicality and a natural inclination to theatricality which we
always wish more people had.” – Club Integral (Resonance FM)


Haruna Komatsu (Vocal, Guitar, Clarinet)

A professional clarinettist, and plays several other instruments.  Performed in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Also a member of Joji Hirota and the Taiko Drummers.

takaco (Vocal, Bass)

11 years of experience working with bands in Japan. Toured throughout the country and festivals. CDs were sold at major music shops including Tower Records and HMV.

Tomoko Komura (Vocal, Keyboards, Melodica)

A professional actress, with 16 years of experience. As a classically trained pianist, she has accompanied theatre shows in the US and UK. Also a member of Frank Chickens.

Candy Tanaka a.k.a. Will Huckerby (Vocal, Drums)

17 years of experience as a multi-instrumentalist and digital artist. Performed in Berlin, Vienna, Athens, Sofia and other places. Also a member of Lone Taxidermist.

No Cars Official Website

No Cars promo

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