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Tokyo Extra- A New Online TV Programme

An all-new guide to Tokyo!

Tokyo ExtraFor those of you interested in finding out where some of the best places in Tokyo are to visit, then this could be the show for you.

Tokyo Extra is a new online TV programme broadcast live every Sunday on You Tube that introduces information to viewers outside Japan by linking people in Tokyo with people around the world through TV, YouTube and Google+. Each episode lasts approx 75 mins.

It is hosted by a variety of MC’s including rock guitarist Marty Freedman, fashion journalist and blogger Misha Janette and Model/Actress Mayuko Kawakita. In each episode the panel discusses a particular area of Tokyo which is hosted by one of the show’s many tour guides who currently live and work in the city, taking us around the many cool places to see, eat and shop.  On occasion there is also a skype interaction in the studio with a handful of people from different parts of the world who talk about their experiences of the area in which is being featured.

The programme is fun and entertaining and tends to focus more on the ‘Cool’ side of Tokyo and therefore will probably appeal more to the 15 – 30 age group.

As with a lot of entertainment magazine-style show’s, some of the guests that appear on Tokyo Extra come across as annoying as they try and grab their 15-minutes worth of fame (a problem you will always get when ‘real’ people want to make their mark on a live online TV broadcast). However, if you have an interest in Japanese culture and planning on visiting Tokyo at some point, then this show will be a helpful guide and will equip you with a lot of useful information.

The programme makers ultimate goal is for the viewers to write comment in Google+ and communicate with Japanese people.

For those of you who don’t have assess to NHK WORLD TV, Tokyo Extra is a suitable alternative.

Watch the Live Broadcast every Sunday at

Air Time:

  • 00.30 am Tokyo
  • 11.30 am New York
  • 03.30 pm London



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