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Hit The Road With NHK WORLD TV This Spring

Japan’s international English-language channel launches travel season

Journeys in Japan – Exciting travel programmes on NHK World TV_44 (from website no logo)This spring NHK WORLD TV, the 24-hour international English language channel from Japan’s public service provider NHK, presents an exciting season of travel programmes offering unique insights into Japanese culture, both ancient and modern.

Kicking off this April, the season of travel programmes form part of NHK WORLD TV’s extensive resource of materials for anyone studying Japanese, planning a trip, or interested in learning more about the country in the run up to Japan’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The programmes explore Japan’s top landmarks and festivals – including cherry blossom season, Mt Yatsugatake and Kinosaki’s hot springs – alongside lesser known sights, such as Amagasaki (a hot spot near Osaka) and Sominsai (a naked folk festival in Iwate prefecture).They also present activities including cycling trips around the Seto islands and guided winter ice climbing, with practical tips, such as where to find the best ‘michi-no-eki’ (service stations) to stop en route.

NHK WORLD TV showcases everything Japanese – from culture to news on the hour and a programming schedule that covers subjects from art and travel, to cookery and science and technology. The channel is widely available on Sky, Freesat, TVPlayer, Virgin Media and a dedicated app, and all travel programmes are available on VOD.

NHK WORLD TV ‘s season of travel programmes this spring includes:

TOKYO EYE 2020: From iconic landmarks to delicious dishes, this series explores some of the greatest aspects of Tokyo as the Japanese metropolis undergoes a transformation in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In each programme presenter Chris Peppler examines a different aspect of the city’s development.

Weds 00:30-01:00 / 6:30-7:00 / 13.30-14.00 / 18.30-19.00

Tokyo Eye 2020 – Exciting travel programmes on NHK World TV_8

J-Trip Plan: The number of tourists visiting Japan is increasing year on year, and their demand for unique experiences is growing too. This series is a great resource for travellers who want to learn more about the country’s food, events, fashion, leisure activities and trends, with insider tips on where to go, and how to get there – from mountain temples to cherry blossom festivals.

Mon 15:30-16:00 / 21:30-22:00

Tues 03:30-04:00

Core Kyoto: This fascinating series delves deep into the core of Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto, exploring the city’s 1200 years of history and culture from the kimono and the koto (a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings) to sake and Kannon (the God of Mercy).

Thurs 0:30-01:00 / 06:30-07:00 / 13:30- 14:00 / 18:30-19:00

Core Kyoto – Exciting travel programmes on NHK World TV_12

Journeys in Japan: The series follows English-speaking visitors as they travel through Japan, exploring local culture, meeting the people and offering insider travel tips that are rarely found in guidebooks. Each episode focuses on a different topic, from Japan’s snowy mountains to its popular hot spring towns. In one programme, model and actor, Dean Newcombe from Newcastle learns about the practice of asceticism in a Zen temple to prepare for ‘Sominsai’, a naked folk festival in Iwate prefecture.

Tue 0:30-01:00 / 06:30-07:00 / 13:30-14:00 / 18:30-19:00

Thurs 15:30-16:00 /21:30-22:00 (Rerun)

Fri 03:30-04:00 (Rerun)

Journeys in Japan – Exciting travel programmes on NHK World TV_45

About NHK World TV

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is Japan’s sole public broadcaster, operating the nation’s largest domestic and international television network. In Japan, NHK broadcasts four TV channels and three radio stations. NHK also transmits two international television channels, NHK WORLD TV (English, HD, 24/7) and NHK WORLD PREMIUM (Japanese, 24/7), as well as international radio services in eighteen languages.

About Japan International Broadcasting, Inc. 

Japan International Broadcasting Inc. (JIB), a subsidiary of NHK, is responsible for the worldwide distribution of NHK WORLD TV as well as the Japanese language channel NHK WORLD PREMIUM. Currently, the two channels are broadcast around the world on three international plus domestic satellites in their respective markets and reach households, hotels and others via DTH, cable, IPTV and terrestrial broadcast.

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