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Event: Sumie Black And Wash Painting Workshop

Learn from a master the art of expressing yourself through the use of brush and ink!

Calligraphy 4Date: 13th May 2016

Time: 18.30 – 22.00

Venue: Hammersmith, London (Private home – contact for details)

Price: £30.00 – Includes equipment (ink, rice paper and brush) and Japanese dinner.

Why not try your hand at Sumie, the art of brush painting with Japanese master Koichi Sapporo who is in London for a very short time especially for this special occasion. You will learn how to hold and use a brush correctly and how to draw a bamboo tree with black ink. This practice is also useful for helping you clear your mind and stay focus – moving meditation, if you will. There will also be a Japanese dinner after the lesson and is included in the price.

Spaces for this workshop are limited (maximum of nine people), so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity, book your place now before it’s too late!

To secure your place and for further information, contact Koichi-san directly via his facebook page.

Koichi-san has taught hundreds of students all around the world this very unique art-form. His incredible artwork which includes samurai warriors and the Zen symbol, Enso, is admired by many, including art collectors and martial artists.

For more information about Koichi-san and his amazing work, check out his website.

Calligraphy 5

Calligraphy 6

Calligraphy 3

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