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Music Review: Molice – 5

five_artworkIt’s hard to resist Molice’s charm on their latest album 5, named as such because it is the band’s fifth release in Japan. It’s been two years since the release of the band’s previous album Resonance Love, and the indie-rock three-piece are on top-form in their latest outing. Filled with infectious tunes, emotional ballads, and even a cover of The Police’s “Bring the Night”, it’s an album that has something for everyone.

There is something familiar about Molice’s sound on their fifth album. Singer and rhythm guitarist Rinko has expressed a love for the US and UK music scene on more than one occasion, and the influence of those artists is evident in 5. From the guitar-riffs in “Ha-Lo” and “Kira Kira” to the indie-rock anthem “5” that is the opening song, it is clear that the band are heavily influenced by British and American bands. It isn’t easy to put a finger on the names of exact bands, but the familiarity of the album’s sound makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to.

Of course if we’re speaking about some songs having a similar sound it would be hard to ignore the elephant in the room: their cover of The Police’s “Bring on the Night”. If anything, “Bring on the Night” is a perfect song for Molice to cover, Rinko’s voice easily emulates Sting’s high-pitched tones, and her and Yuzuru Takeda’s guitar riffs are definitely the strongest part of the song. It’s a fun take on the song, and is a stand out on the album. Other highlights of the album include “Ha-Lo” for its incredible opening and pop-punk feel, “Hearts Up” for its catchiness and rock anthem potential, and “Visions of Summer” for its soothing melody and summery feel.

Not much has changed for the indie-rock trio, as their sound on 5 will quickly bring their previous album Resonance Love to mind. From their heavy indie-rock riffs to Rinko’s sweet voice, it is clear that the albums have a similar tone but that’s not a bad thing. If anything it seems like Molice have found where they belong in music and are using their going from strength to strength. There’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken, and for Molice it’s clear that they are on a high in their latest outing.


5 is available as a digital download on Amazon.








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